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How To Loose Arm Fat, By – Rachit Sharma


Many of us have had that insecure feeling about our arms that had always stopped us to wear short sleeves or sleeveless because we don’t want anyone to see flabby, giggly arms that we have. While admiring someone with toned, cut triceps, we usually ask ourselves the question that how to get rid of arm fat and achieve results fast. The answer to the question how to loose arm fat fast is not some rocket science but quite simple. The right amount of dedication can help in fast results. The following article will help you in achieving your goal.
The article contain three categories
1. Exercises
1.1. Cardio
1.2. Body weight exercises
1.3. Biceps and triceps workout
1.4. Weight training
2. Food habits
2.1. Increase fibre intake
2.2. Protein rich diet
2.3. Plenty of water intake
3. Lifestyle changes
3.1. Proper sleep
3.2. Start early
3.3. Stay away from negative thoughts
3.4. Don’t stop working out

To loose arm fat we need to work on them. Flabby to fit is no magic work but is a journey of pain and sweat. But the change we see after giving it all in, is worth it. Firstly, we need to understand that fat loss is not a spot specified but is an overall body process. The technique of “Spot reduction” is nothing but a big misunderstanding in the fitness world. So to get rid of that arm fat we need to follow some basic easy steps.


Including cardio in our workout sessions is a very essential step. Cardio, short for cardiovascular exercises increases out heart rate to burn calories. In the process to loose arm fat, a 30 minutes cardio session is a necessity. According to one study , addition of a 40 min cardio session in a fat loss routine results in nearly 10% decrease in body fat in a span of just six months.
Running, jogging, jumping ropes, swimming and aerobics are cardio exercises that are very effective in burning calories. A couple of months into this habit, results will be noticeable on your arm fat, as well as the one on the face and belly!


Some doesn’t have access to a gym and others have a tight work schedule that giving time to workout is not possible for them, which affects the goal of loosing arm fat. In this case the best solution is body weight exercises. Studies suggest that routine involving minimal use of gym equipments (calisthenics) proves more effective in increasing upper body strength.
Exercises that doesn’t need any dumbbells or gym equipments but can be done at home. Exercises like tricep dips, planks and push-ups have been proven very effective in getting rid of arm fat.


In order to get rid of arm fat, working on these two areas have been proven very essential. For toning of arm, working on triceps is the main target but simultaneously working on biceps gives your arm a formidable structure. Biceps curls, triceps extensions, triceps kickbacks are some of the most effective arm toning exercises which helps to get rid of arm fat.


Weight training or lifting weights is an example of resistance training which focuses on increasing muscle mass and strength. Training with weights can help with loosing arm fat as well as with overall fat loss to achieve a lean body structure.
One study among 109 people shows that the ones who mix resistance training with cardio in their fitness routine gets more effective results in acquiring a lean body mass. A lean body structure burns more calories at rest throughout the day and also increases metabolism.

Indian megastar Aamir Khan, on his journey from fat to fit during the filming of his blockbuster movie “Dangal” , has said that only 30% body is made by during exercises, rest 70% is due to the kind of diet you take. Following a strict routine regarding your food habits is a must to get rid of arm fat. If the intake is not taken care of , there is going to be no result achieved to how much time and sweat you give in order to get rid of that arm fat of yours.

Fibre intake is a kick-start to loosing weight and is a boon to loosing excess of body fat. Fibre takes time to digest, thus gives a feeling of fullness to the body and reduces hunger. A survey shows that increasing fibre intake by 15 grams resulted in decrease of 10% body fat in the course of 4 months.
To loose arm fat and achieve toned triceps, addition of fibre rich food items like fruits, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds are proven very helpful.

Inclusion of protein in diet not only helps in gaining muscle mass but helps in reduction of body fat. For the synthesis of protein a good deal of energy is needed, thus the consumption burns more fat in the body.
Studies have shown that high protein intake associates with less belly fat. If the results to reduce arm fat is needed faster, protein rich food items like fish, chicken breast, soya, lentils are to be consumed.


Staying hydrated is a big must for getting rid of those flabby arms. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day is said to be very essential, which helps in keeping our metabolism in good condition and loose fat in the process. Water, tea, beverages that do not contain sugar should be selected for getting results of a better shaped arm. While you are reading this, get yourself a glass.

Making a routine and a balance diet to achieve the goal of toned bulky arms doesn’t work in a proper way unless you follow a lifestyle to support it. The journey of getting fat to fit needs to be enjoyed rather than forcing yourself to follow the chart. And that can be done by changing some of the most common habits that most of us suffer from.

Just like working out to loose arm fat is important, getting proper amount of rest to relax the body muscles is also important. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is necessary to make the body work perfectly throughout the day. We need to try to follow a strict sleep schedule to make the workout successful achieve toned arms.


Morning workouts are more effective than hitting the gym after work or before sleep. To get rid of giggly arm fat, rising up early and breaking some sweat ends in faster results. A study shows that the ones that workout early in the day, they are able to loose 20% more fat than the ones who doesn’t. Going by those numbers, you need to sync your alarm clocks now and get going at it the following day.


Sometimes when we are working hard, cutting on our favourite items but still, are not able to see any result in the mirror, we give up. But we need to understand loosing arm fat is a slow process, one which doesn’t complete in a few weeks. We need to stay away from negative thoughts, be patient and keep working.

Following these steps will help you get rid of that insecure feeling that you have regarding your arm fat. In the span of 8-12 weeks, you will be looking at a new you in the mirror. Your girl will feel different when she holds your arm next time!

1. How much time for the difference to be seen in the arms?
Ans. The fat loss process is different in different people as it depends on the persons metabolism and the intensity of routine that is followed. If every step is taken care of, and we follow the regime sincerely, results start showing in 8-10 weeks.

2. Is high intensity training a necessity to get rid of arm fat?
Ans. No, hitting the gym and doing heavy weights is not a requisite step for loosing arm fat. We can look forward to cardio to make up for that. Skipping, jogging, runnings are some of the most effective routines. Playing a sport also increases the intensity of fat loss. Sports like badminton, tennis and squash are best for toning of arm muscles.

3. Is there a way in which I do not gain muscle during the process?
Ans. Yes, muscle gain is associated with weightlifting. Weight training is a great way to reduce fat and tone muscles, but if muscle gain needs to be avoided them there are other ways too. Movement exercises like stretching, yoga, pilates are good for toning of arms. But we need to remember that muscle gain is a marathon compared to a race to loose arm fat, thus including some weight training in your routine won’t matter much in case of gains.

4. Are there exercises that focus just on the arms?
Ans. You need to understand that we fat loss is a process that happens in the whole body. It is also mentioned in the above article that “Spot Reduction” is mythical technique in the fitness world. But if you want to see major change on your arms then try shifting your main focus on biceps and triceps exercises. Biceps curls, triceps dips, push ups are some that you can try.

5. How do I keep my calories intake in check?
Ans. According to studies, to burn a pound of fat from the body, around 3500 calories is needed to be burned. Thus, keeping track of how much physical workout you do, you need to keep that calorie count in check, so that fat loss routine works fine and results starts showing.


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