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How To Get Upgraded Seats On Emirates?

Everyone likes to travel on elite seats. So, if you have booked your trip on an Emirates with a basic seat, you can easily get an upgrade. Thanks to the flexible and customer-friendly approach of Emirates Airlines that allows you to get an upgrade in a few clicks.

Now, take a look at the approach that the airline has to facilitate you with an upgraded flying experience.

How to Upgrade an Emirates Flight?

To get an Emirates Seat Upgrade, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Visit the website of Emirates.
  • On the Manage booking page, mention your booking details.
  • Find how much it will cost to fly in Emirates Business Class or Emirates First Class.
  • Make online payment, if required.
  • Check your Emirates Skywards Miles to upgrade.

Select your meal preference or seat of your choice through the Passenger tab.

How To Know if Upgrades are Available?

  • Join the alerts for upgrade. Sign up and Emirates will send you its upgrade alerts via an SMS or mail as soon as it is available for you to grab.
  • Set up automatic upgrades. So, when these are available, you can get upgraded to the next cabin class with your Skywards Miles.

So, once you know that an upgrade is available, go to the Trip tab on the Manage your Booking section and pay for a cabin class upgrade.

Can I Get Free Upgrades in Emirates?

Yes, Emirates gives you free upgrades when you set up automatic upgrades. On availability, Emirates will upgrade you automatically to the next cabin class.

Does Emirates Offer Upgrades at Check In?

Yes, Emirates generously offers every seat available for upgrades. This is applicable to miles upgrades at airport check-in that continues to the time when the flight finally closes its doors before taking off.

You can upgrade a seat with miles that is free after all the passengers are on board.

Is it Possible to Get a Free Seat Selection on Emirates Flights?

You can definitely get a free Emirates Seat Selection if you have specific requirements such as having medical necessities or flying with an infant. You can select your free seat in Economy Class. Also, the airline might charge you extra according to the type of fare or depending on your Emirates Skywards membership status.

To be sure of getting the best place in the flight, or pick a Preferred or Twin seats without paying any charges, book much in advance. Check-in starts 48 hours before your flight so begin choosing your seat early.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you can get a seat upgrade on Emirates flights without any hassle. Simply count on the approach of Emirates that facilitates you to select your seat and upgrade when required. Moreover, you can get an upgrade and seat selection for free on Emirates flights.

What else are you looking forward to? Select your most favorite seats, sit with your travel companions, and grab an upgrade when you want. Emirates makes everything smooth for you and ensures a great trip.


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