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How can a Virtual Phone Number benefit your Start-up in the early stages?

The companies and assembling units worldwide have increased the market reach for organizations beyond the national limits. This has led to a rapid increase in the scope of operations being carried out by such businesses, requiring a robust yet adaptable correspondence framework. Coordination with a genuinely different group from across the globe represents its difficulties. Indeed, even a basic activity like observing a typical opening for a gathering can become unwieldy because of varying time regions. Technical errors and unsteady Internet associations add to the burdens.

Cloud telephony offers strong responses to defeat communication and coordination challenges in all parts of your business. A virtual number is one such arrangement, working with a consistent association with every one of your agents, 24×7 and from anywhere in the world. Business virtual numbers offer plenty of advantages, yet before jumping into the subtleties, let us find out about virtual numbers and their functioning.

What is a Virtual Number?

As the name recommends, a virtual phone number is not associated through any physical telephone line or SIM card and instead it is connected through the cloud. Otherwise called Direct Inward Dialling (DID) or access number, it is utilized to divert calls from a distributed or incorporated number to some other objective like a landline or a cell phone. At the point when a client dials in a business virtual number, it is flawlessly sent as per a pre-set logic to your own or office number.

Advantages of a Business Virtual Number

It enjoys different benefits, ranging from decreased global call charges to increased brand presence and excellent accessibility. Here are the unique benefits and elements of a business virtual number:

Higher Conversion rate

Successful commitment with your leads is the only way to expand your business transformations from inbound and outbound calls. You can decrease the hit holding up time by noting calls rapidly and setting up shift-based call sending. Remember that the great client assistance reaction prompts higher transformation on new leads.

IVR enabled performance

IVR enabled Virtual Number empowers your business by lead steering to guide these calls to the top salesperson for their inquiry. IVR frameworks can be utilized to route each call, depending on its anxiety and course, to the fitting specialist trained to resolve that issue.

Additionally, a well-designed IVR framework will permit you to computerize client support tasks and decrease your expenses. The IVR menu adds to higher consumer loyalty and develops agents’ productivity as well as KPIs.

Number Masking

Human information is continually pursued by programmers. This information is either sold and utilized on the underground market or utilized for phishing and extortion. We don’t wish to panic you, though the story is valid. To stay away from such a situation, keep your own number secure consistently.

The people who utilize a similar number as their business number to make every one of their exchanges through applications are more in danger. You should try to avoid showing and offering your personal data on sites. Get a virtual number for business use. It additionally defends your client’s security by concealing their details through the feature of number masking.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Your correspondence framework need not be removed and reinstalled in case of a change of location. The calls can be routed to any location as per the settings. To follow the leads produced by each publicizing effort, channel, area, language, etc., you can assign a virtual number. Furthermore, it helps to track the ROI of disconnected missions. 

Real-time Data Insights

The data analytics will offer a solid understanding of contact focus activities like calls made, their duration, settlements and queries made, etc. Also, the call records can be detailed and extracted inside a protected environment.

Be Omnipresent 

Utilizing a cloud-based virtual telephone number empowers you to get international calls from any part of the world. You can easily divert worldwide calls to your Indian line. This makes it advantageous for organizations to build up their market in numerous countries without setting up infrastructure in these places.

To improve your start-up business

Assuming you are searching for a Virtual number for your new business, a specialist in call management solutions, you can consider Knowlarity. A well-known name worldwide, they have helped numerous organizations extend their client base. Snatch your chance to succeed and flourish in the exceptionally aggressive market. Collaborate with Knowlarity to transform your business with the best in Cloud Business Communication Solutions.


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