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How Bui Van Thanh Became a Musician

Bui Van Thanh from Thai Nguyen was born in 2003. He is young, talented, and finds his own path. Compared with his peers who choose to go to work in a normal job, he chose to explore and learn. what I call talent is because people reveal their main instincts.

The things you think you can’t do because you think you don’t have any talent, if you don’t have high education, will you be able to get into art or music, your education will end in 9th grade because your family can’t afford it? Education must be earned for a living.

Due to the development of technology, he has more opportunities to interact with social networks, has more ideas in understanding knowledge, learns and works, communicates with foreigners to learn deeply, and find directions. go about music are you a music singer no the answer is no music doesn’t have to be good to sing to be a singer but to be knowledgeable about music, not just singing but you also Being able to create music to make beats for other people to sing is also a talent, but making a beat isn’t that difficult, it takes getting used to and remembering and mixing or accompaniment to each other is creating a song. beat can be combined with singing or instrumental music.

Bui Van Thanh started with a song that you must know how to sing, you must sing well, and knowing how to play an instrument can be the piano, it’s easy to mix and match, he made beats and covered many other artists’ songs later. There, he had a predestined relationship with electronic music and chose it to compose many DJ and EDM beats.

What’s interesting about electronic music that he chose it to compose instead of other genres, because I love this genre and I find it quite good and easy to create, so I chose it.

Bui Van Thanh’s musical talent is a gift that God gave him from a person who is not good at music but has been successful at it, but he is also a simple person instead of performing or performing. stage, he chose to be a silent artist.


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