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Glimpse of Rehan Katrawale’s life: The Evolution of J&K’s Poet and Artist

The untold journey of Jammu and Kashmir’s Poet and Artist Rehan Katrawale, which is completely unknown and has never been revealed.

Rehan Katrawale has always been a very secretive person especially when it comes to his personal life. He is not very revealing. Whenever he was asked about his individual life Rehan handled all those questions smartly and maturely. When it comes to his professional life Rehan worked in numerous films and short films e.g.;

  • Paradox: The Eccentric Professor (2018)
  • Paradox-II: Concept of time (2020)
  • Paradox-III: Different Shades of Professor Bakshi (2021)
  • Dr. Dex
  • Paschataap: The Last Few Hours
  • Mrityu
  • The Diary of an Unknown King
  • Drug Mafia 2
  • Azad: The Revolutionary
  • Death Slayer 2

Moreover he had written a number of books like;

  • The Mystic Father: Man With A Womb
  • The Diary of a Perplexed Teenager
  • Divyalekh: Sapno Ke Toote Aashiyaane
  • Astrabhuj: Secrets of Drajjal
  • The Victims Control Everything

Writing poetries, novels and performing stage plays and theatre has always been his passion. He has always been involved in various theatre activities and stage shows from the very beginning.Β He was a part of Sunshine Networks (From 2016-2022). He was also a part of SN Theatre & Arts and SN workshops.

  • Rehan Katrawale won the best Actor (theatre) consecutively for three years.
  • Best Actor in a leading role (Male) – SN Group 2019
  • Best Actor (Male) – JZC Arts 2020
  • SN Performer of the Year – 2021
  • Honoured by Rashtra Raksha Sankalp Abhiyan in 2017
  • Best Actor (Male) – Mrityu (Short Film) 2019
  • Best Actor – Paradox and the Concept of Time 2020

He’d been asked about his love life a number of times but he never revealed much and doesn’t provided any satisfactory answers. But recently he opened up about his private life when he was recording for his podcast in Jammu and Kashmir. In talks with SN group of associates, he stated;

“The bond we shared is something very exceptional. The second best day of my life was her confession, the day she confessed her love. The day I saw her and fell in love with her still remains the first. Doesn’t matter what’s the current situation but i always cherish those good old days. I remember the time when i was about to confess my feelings to her and ultimately i made this confession on her birthday to which she responded nicely and a couple of weeks later she made a confession from her side and i no words can explain how happy i was that day. I was extremely happy. We were in love, but it wasn’t a relationship at all. We’ve never been in a relationship yet we used to call and chat for hours and used to say ‘I love you’ to each other…I know that sounds a bit awkward but we had this really amazing bond, a bond of love, care and friendship. I’ve some really beautiful memories with her. Doesn’t matter if we’re not together and i know we are now completely strangers to each other due to some unavoidable circumstances but it doesn’t change the fact that i still respect her, i still love her and will continuously to do so till my last breath. Perhaps i won’t be able to love again in my life because i have no love left now. It’s kind of void inside me. I won’t be able to love someone like i used to love her. I don’t know if that sounds philosophical but that’s it. I’ve to live with those memories because i’ve no other options left. I’ve my pen and paper with me, thanks to my poetry for always been an integral part of my life. I’ll try to continue my artistic works as long as i can do. Yes i’m not impressed with modern days love stories and sometimes i feel like i’ve born in a wrong time period where there’s no love and just social agreements but it doesn’t mean i’m against love. I’ve always been a lover. I believe love connects us with the supreme deity. It leads us to the almighty. But i didn’t see that sort of love in today’s world. It has lost somewhere and it really disappoints me. Apart from that, i’ve always been a devotee of Lord Krishna and he taught me what is love and what is attachment”

Quote by Rehan Katrawale

Those who got offended by my words have problem with my silence too
- Rehan Katrawale


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