GAYATRI SA -A writer walking you through the land of taboos!

Our country is where many scriptures and texts about Kamasutra and other forms of art dealing with spirituality and physical intimacy has taken birth. Yet, it is a shame that we are often asked to shut our mouths and hide in a corner when we want to discuss these topics in the open air.
ย 7 billion people weren’t born in thin air, did they? Erotica is a genre that no one knows exists, the meaning of this unknown genre has been exploited and interpreted in a wrong way throughout history. Gayatri SA is an author-poet who has explored this area with small stepping stones in her small mind.
A writer walking you through the land of taboos
Her works around different genres had been featured in more than 20 + anthologies and she is currently pursuing her career in content as well. She is working on her first book that talks about the covid experiences of people from different walks of life. She has been part of the greatest anthology ever written where almost 1000 writers have contributed. Her next projects include an erotic pocket poetry book that involves the emotions and sexual tensions of people from different walks of life. Her upcoming book is all about the pandemic and how it has affected our lives, stories of people from different walks of life narrating it themselves. She hopes her first attempt will reach many and she get to write more in the coming times. When was the last time you wanted to do but couldnโ€™t? There are som many things which we all want to do but something stops us, she doesnโ€™t want that to happen with budding writers. Yet, to break the ice, she steps it with erotica and poetry being herself. She wants you to pick that pen and start writing!

The Rising Stars is proud to have GAYATRI SA as an ACE AWARD winner under category Writer. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors, we are certain you’ll achieve everything you work towards. Best wishes and good luck! May you continue to be strong and successful. Keep writing! Keep Growing!


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