Frank and straight conversation with Achal Mogla author of Twisted Tales

  1. What inspired you to write this book?

There was a contest Write India Story organized by times of India where had sent different stories written by me .. I thought of compiling all of them in a single book and my first book was born ..Salt and Pepper

  1. Can you tell me about the book?

Just and Salt and Pepper adds variety to the food that we cook and make it more tastier and eatable , this book is a collection of short stories having the entire range of emotions from love , sacrifice , tears , etc to serve the reader a collection worth savouring on his plate .

3) How well has been the journey fetched you?

The journey has been a very eventful one with lots of learnings and teachings coming along my way .

4) What were the obstacles you faced from dreaming about your book and holding it in your hands ?

There were several obstacles that I faced but the major one was that post the printing and  publication ,  marketing of the book was a huge challenge since it was my very first venture .

5) Who were the major backbone in writing and publishing this book?

Major backbone were my life experiences, my editor and my publisher

6) How you came across Eventure publishers?

Through Social media instagram and what’s app

7) What you liked about Eventure the most?

Low cost features and professionalism

8) How you crossed roads into writing, publishing and getting known as a writer? How far has been that way?

It started out as a mere hobby but gradually turned into a passion and the intensity increased with the lockdown.The journey so far has been immensely satisfying.

9) What did you learn while writing the book?

While writing a book the 2 most important things learnt by me :

1) It is very important to get inside the character .

2) It is very important to understand the kind of audience that you are writing the book for.

10) What surprised you the most?

The acceptability that I got from the readers inspite my very first book.

11) What does the title mean?

Just as Salt and Pepper adds taste and variety to the otherwise normal cooked food , similarly are the emotions that we have in our day to day life which make our life worth living .

12) Were the characters inspired by a real person?

Yes some stories were

13) What happened to the book characters after the book ended ?

The characters are a part of me still inspite of the book ending .

14) Any piece of advice to the budding writers?

Advice to the budding writers is : Dream big , Believe in yourself and Learn to face failures with a smile.

15) Lastly, who you wanna give a special thanks that helped you come so far?

My role model are my parents, and they along with  the rest of the family  have helped me come this far and also my friends and my well wishers who were there for me when it mattered.




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