Finding the Top-Notch App Developer in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

Hiring a skilled app developer is beneficial whether you’re a startup with an app idea or a Fortune 500 firm.

There is value in developing apps for internal use even if you don’t think you need a consumer-facing app.

An additional 240 hours of productivity per person is gained when using mobile corporate apps, according to a survey from Fliplet. If your average employee makes $30 per hour, your company could save $7,200 if they had access to internal apps instead of using their personal devices.
However, competition for jobs in the tech industry is fierce as more and more companies aim to hire iOS developers. Finding reliable app developers to work with might be difficult.

What follows is a discussion of where to look for and how to secure the services of a top-notch app developer.

Define “app developers”

An app developer is a software engineer who creates apps for various electronic devices, including smartphones, and smartwatches.

Before releasing an app to the public or passing it on to beta testers, developers must run extensive tests to identify and eliminate as many flaws as possible.

Developers of mobile apps often make aesthetic choices that improve the usability and functionality of their apps.

So, what exactly does it take to become an app developer?

The platform and device on which an application operates, as well as the sort of user that engages with the application, are only two of many factors.

Expertise with a Particular Platform

A software engineer may focus on creating apps for one particular operating system, such as Windows, Android, macOS, or iOS.

Developers are not limited to just Windows’ native C, C#, JavaScript, and Python when making Windows apps. Different programming languages have different learning curves, runtimes, and maintenance burdens.

Developers of Android apps must use Java. When looking for an alternative to Java, consider Kotlin. It’s a lot like Java, but with less bells and whistles, making it a more appealing option.

Whether you’re developing for the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you may use either Objective-C or Swift.

If you’re looking to build an app for your Mac or other Apple device running macOS, you’ll want to learn Objective-C.

Swift is the preferred language for building apps for Apple’s iOS, iPad OS, watchOS, and tvOS. When compared to Objective-C, Swift’s added safeguards and emphasis on clean code make it the superior choice.

Expertise with a Particular Kind of Device

It’s possible for a developer to focus on developing for one particular device category, such smart TVs or smartwatches.

Apps should be designed for certain devices to take advantage of their capabilities. A smart TV app, for instance, typically makes use of the entire display. However, for a smartwatch, it’s crucial that the software makes the most of the little real estate available.

Knowledge unique to a field

Developers might focus on creating specific types of apps, such accounting software or office suites.

Building an app for a certain purpose requires familiarity with that purpose. An app developer with accounting expertise, for instance, may design a more useful and popular app for the accounting profession.

Is it expensive to employ a mobile app developer?

The price of hiring an app developer will vary depending on whether you go for a full-time staff, a freelancer, or a development business.

How much it would cost to employ a software engineer full-time

According to PayScale, the average compensation for an app developer in the United States is roughly $71,000 per year, or $30 per hour. Additionally, 80% of app developer salaries in the United States fall between $50,000 and $100,000. Check out the average income of an app developer in your nation.

There are additional expenses associated with hiring a full-time app developer beyond the wage itself, such as the cost of their equipment, taxes, and retirement contributions.

Arguments in favor of employing a software designer or programmer full-time
Your team will be able to make better choices while developing the app if they have a firm grasp on your company’s beliefs and objectives.

Since workers invest in learning how to use the company’s preexisting channels of communication, you may have more fruitful conversations with them.

The drawbacks of employing a software engineer full-time

No single app developer can excel in every facet of app development, even if they are proficient in all of them.
A poor performer on staff can be a pricey person to let go of.
You have a legal obligation to supply an employee with necessary hardware and software licenses.

Freelance app developer pricing

Freelancers charge more per hour than workers do because they must cover more of their own costs, including the cost of their own equipment and the cost of their own taxes.

The cost per hour or project is more, but you only pay for their services when you really use them. If you only require an app developer for a few months, this can be a significant money saver.

Although attracts mostly entry- and mid-level talent, the average cost of an app job completed by a freelancer is $543.

According to Arc, the global average hourly rate for an iOS developer is $81 to $100, whereas the pricing for a Java or Android developer is $61 to $80.

The Benefits of Working with a Contract App Developer

Freelancers get paid on an as-needed basis.
Contracts with freelancers are simple to end if necessary.
Sick pay, taxes, and benefits are all taken care of for you.
Rather than committing to a single app developer for the long haul, you may instead engage developers with specialized talents as needed.
Pitfalls of Contracting Out for an App’s Development
You risk having a freelancer abandon your project in favor of one that pays better.
Your app’s completion time could be extended if a freelancer is juggling too many projects at once.
A freelancer’s ability to grasp your needs is diminished if your two primary languages are not the same.
It may be difficult for another developer to take over an app that was originally created by a freelancer due to insufficient documentation and an unfamiliar programming style.
The Price of a Development Team
When compared to the cost of hiring a team of in-house or freelance app developers, the services of a development firm tend to be more expensive.

Pros of working with a professional app development firm

Working with a development firm ensures the completion of your project. They have developers with a wide range of skillsets, so your project won’t stall due to lack of expertise.
Having a dedicated development team that can scale up as needed increases the likelihood that your project will be completed on time.
They handle all aspects of project management internally, so you don’t have to.
Simply explain what you hope to accomplish with the app, and they will take care of the nitty-gritty of making it a reality.
Pitfalls of Working with an Outside App Developer
There is typically a minimum project budget that app developers require before taking on a project. reports that 90% of app developers have a $5,000 minimum and 57% have a $10,000 minimum before they’ll take on a project.
I need to hire an app developer, but where can I locate one?
Let’s check over some of the best resources for locating dependable app developers.

Freelancing websites

App developers can be found at these top freelance platforms.

Two of the most popular freelance platforms are Upwork and Freelancer. There will be no shortage of capable developers for you to work with. Caution: Many will not meet the requirements. More work goes into vetting potential employees on these sites.

Both Toptal and TopCoder are quite selective in the freelancers they allow to join their sites. In exchange for less work and danger, you pay more when making a hire through one of these sites.

Check out WeWorkRemotely, Codeable, Guru,, 10X Management, and YouTeam if you’re interested in freelancing.

Directory of Construction Firms,, and all include extensive databases of app developers.

You can compare each firm’s ratings, minimum project values, number of staff, and average cost per hour spent on your project.

Connecting with others in person and online

If you put on a show at networking events, you can get a lot of attention from app developers.

Career fairs and recruitment presentations at universities are great places to find talented up-and-coming app developers. One of the best things about student events is that many of the most talented app developers have no idea how much demand there is for their work.

Artistic Representational Documents

You may view the work of individual designers for mobile applications on sites like Dribbble and Behance.

While some of these designers will only work with app developers and provide you with recommendations, others will do both.

Web-based Frequently Asked Questions in Programming

Expert programmers abound on question-and-answer platforms like StackOverflow.

Explore some app development hints. Find out who submitted the most helpful replies and contact them to see if they are interested in collaborating.

You can also post open positions on StackOverflow.

Software libraries

GitHub, a public code repository, is a fantastic location to locate app developers.

Both full-time programmers and amateurs share their work with the world. See what people are most excited about by checking out the trending page.

Select a programming language used to create apps, and then view the trending page accordingly. To view only the top iOS development projects, select Swift as your filter of choice, as an illustration. The app’s creators can then be contacted for support.

Great resources for hiring an app programmer

In 2023, these are the finest places to go if you want to employ a professional app developer.

No. 1 Toptal
Toptal is a platform for freelance app developers, but only the top 3 percent of applicants are accepted. Tests for developers typically focus on their ability to communicate complex concepts and solve difficult problems.

To be considered for Toptal, app developers need to submit a completed app project. If you recruit from Toptal, you won’t waste time with engineers that need to prove themselves with test projects.

A trial term with a freelancer is available if you so choose. You don’t hand over cash unless you’re completely happy with the service they provided.

No. 2 Aloa
Use Aloa to its fullest extent to create the best app possible. This ground-breaking service provides you with a group of experts who work exclusively on your company’s projects, accommodating your preferred time zone and project duration. Aloa is an app development company that focuses on creating native, bespoke, and cross-platform apps, and it’s dedicated to providing only the highest quality services and products.

Aloa has a stringent hiring process to ensure that only the best app developers are working on your projects.

No. 3
Over 4,000 app development firms are featured on Clutch

The reviews from satisfied customers are extensive, and you can even look at several finished apps as examples.

No. 4 LinkedIn?
When looking for qualified individuals in the technology sector, LinkedIn is the first place to look.

Seeing how many people endorse a developer’s expertise in app development is a great feature of LinkedIn.

There are clear indicators of an app developer’s credibility

No. 5 Stack Exchange
It’s safe to assume that StackOverflow users who provide the most helpful responses to inquiries concerning app development are themselves familiar with the subject.

It’s time to get in touch with our top contributors. One possibility is that they are on the lookout for employment or an extracurricular activity.

No. 6 Aspired
Aspired is a company that offers a unique and innovative approach to tech companies seeking to hire skilled and experienced developers.


Your next step should be to hire app developers to assist bring your ideas to life once you’ve identified an issue in your target market or within your organization and described some app concepts.

There isn’t going to be a app developer out there who can make any kind of app. Diverse sorts of apps require different sets of talents, and app developers are no exception.


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