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Find Facebook Phone Number and More Information Only Here

Over 2.037 billion people want to get hold of Facebook Phone Number to resolve their issues. And with so many complaints every day, you might have thought Facebook could not offer enough support. But you’re wrong; users can call, live chat, and fill out the contact form to reach out to the app. Let me help you find out more.

Key Highlights:

  • Users want to get hold of Facebook when they cannot get inside their account.
  • Moreover, users also want to reach out to Facebook when their account gets hacked and blocked by someone or they’re reported for not following the FB guidelines.
  • The users also want to get hold of Facebook customer service if they have a query about Facebook features and policies.
  • If you have a common problem that can be solved without calling, you can go to Facebook’s Help Center and find suggestions to tackle the issue.
  • Contacting the support inbox can also help you solve your problem.

Find Facebook Phone Number, Chat, And Other Customer Service Info Only Here

You can find help and support on Facebook without dialing the Facebook customer service number. However, most users who seek Facebook’s contact number want one-on-one conversation to solve their problems.

But then again, the telephone is not the only way to get hold of Facebook. There’s live chat, support inbox, and more.

Yes, I am here to help you find and handle the information for your maximum benefit:

1.     Finding FB Customer Care Number

If you want the Facebook phone number, you first must provide your region. That’s because FB has separate customer care numbers for different areas.

For example, if you’re from the USA, you must dial +650-543-4800 to get hold of their live agents and talk to them.

But if you’re from Canada, dialing this number won’t do. There, you must dial +1-647-426-6051 to get a hold of the company and solve your problem.

However, if you’re from the land down under (Australia), dialing none of the above numbers would help you. There you must dial +6-128-234–7020 and talk to their agents to solve your problem.

2.     Finding Facebook Live Chat Support

If you are more of a chat person than a call person (which is perfectly alright, to be honest), don’t worry. It is not like calling Facebook is the only way to solve your problem.

You can live chat with Facebook through their Support Inbox and on Facebook’s chatting section.

  • Messaging Support Inbox: When you log into Facebook’s Help Center, you can see the support inbox on the right side of your screen, right on top. You can click and start typing your message there.
  • In-App Chat: You can go to Facebook’s official Facebook account and find the Instant Message option on the page’s right side. Simply click on it, and Chat heads will appear for you to chat with them.

3.     Finding Facebook Contact Form And Filling

Facebook contact form is available only on its mobile app. So, bring out your smartphones and do as I say:

  • Firstly, you must go to your Facebook application’s menu.
  • Secondly, find and tap the “Help & Support” option.
  • Finally, you will see the “Contact Us” option, where you must go and fill out the form.

4.     Finding Alternative Ways To Contact Facebook

Besides the above ways of getting Facebook’s hold, you can also get hold of the app through many other ways. And no, it’s not the Fb support email.

Here are the ways:

  • Find Help Through Help Center: Log on to Facebook Help Center, and there you will find various articles that people face every day. You can read them and solve your issues.
  • Send Feedback: If an account is disturbing or insulting in the comments section, you can go to their account and report them to Facebook. The app will take appropriate actions.
  • Connect Via Social Media: You can contact Facebook on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, apart from Facebook, as mentioned above. You can utilize these options to tackle your trouble.


  1. Can FB Help Center Articles Offer Me Assistance?

Facebook articles are one of the best ways to resolve the problems that you’re facing with the application. These articles are to the point and will offer complete information on any Facebook problem. So, if you’re not one of those who like to call people, or chat with them, reading the articles can offer you enough info.

  1. Are the Facebook Community Forums Any Good?

Yes, Facebook community forums are good if you do your research fine. There’s a Facebook group called the “Facebook Support Forum.” And it’s one of the FB groups that offer genuine help. So, you can follow and join this group to solve your problems.

Parting Thoughts

Facebook phone number is not the only source of direct communication with the application conglomerate. If you want, you can find various ways of getting in touch with them and get assistance to solve your problem. However, getting hold of the app through the phone remains the most preferred way of connecting. So, I have offered you all the information you require.


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