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Essential Features For a Successful Shopify Dropshipping App In 2022

Dropshipping business is gaining significant popularity and lots of entrepreneurs and startups have already invested in a Shopify dropshipping app. Though the industry is quite promising, cut-throat competition is a harsh reality too. Your Shopify dropship app needs to be packed with certain must-have features To survive in the industry.

Without these features, it will be hard to gain a competitive edge. You can struggle for revenues just like hundreds of those dropshipping apps that choose to shut down due to competition. Today we will discuss features you should add to your Shopify dropshipping app in 2022. Before starting our discussion, let’s try to get more details about dropshipping and Shopify dropship app.

What is a Shopify Dropship App?

what is dropshipping

Readers can consider Shopify dropshipping app as a solution to the painful inventory management of traditional retail businesses. If you check the traditional retail systems, you will find that sellers had to stock the products. It includes a handsome expenditure on stocking and maintaining the products in warehouses.Β 

Shopify dropship app provides a perfect solution for it. Once any store integrates these apps, they can sell the products from suppliers across the globe. Instead of handling the products themselves, the seller will order them from a third-party supplier. It will be his responsibility to deliver the products. The whole process includes four steps:-

  • The order is placed by the customer using an online store that has integrated a dropshipping app.
  • Once the order is placed and payment is captured, the store places the same order with its suppliers.
  • The supplier will ship the products to the customers and provide the shipping details to the store.
  • The store communicates the shipment details and provides the tracking details for the package.

Features that contribute to the success of your Shopify dropshipping app

shopify dropship app

  • Intuitive designs and Easy Integration

The user interface will play a vital role in deciding the success of your Shopify dropshipping app. If you don’t serve your users with good design and other UI and UX features, they might avoid shopping using your dropship solution. Your app should integrate with Shopify stores without causing any technical issues.

You can also provide support services to the retailers who integrate your dropship app in their stores. You can well imagine the seriousness of the situation where your app doesn’t integrate with the stores flawlessly.

  • Product Management

You should provide efficient tools to manage the products in the retailer store. The retailers should list the products they wish to sell in their store using those tools. If product management becomes a mess, retailers may stop using your dropship app.

You can hire a reputed Shopify development agency to customize and integrate tools for inventory management. Listing the available quantity and other charges with products can also help create trust and ease of shopping.

  • Multiple Payment Options for better conversion

Don’t limit your Shopify dropshipping app to a limited number of payment options. Different customers prefer to pay using different modes of payment. If your dropship app doesn’t provide them with enough options, they may abandon their cart or change their mind to shop using your services.

Moreover, multiple payment gateways also offer flexibility to the users from different regions where currencies differ. Studies show that the eCommerce platform that uses multi-payment gateways can get up to 50% more conversion than ones that stick to one.

  • Multi-lingual support for an enhanced reach

Expanding your business beyond geographical and political boundaries will be one of the primary goals for you. Though the internet offers an outstanding reach, the language barrier can impact your overall revenues.Β 

Providing multi-lingual support enables your business to penetrate well within the markets. Even the customers not speaking your language can use your services to buy the products they like. A Shopify dropshipping app with such a feature has a definite edge over the competitors.

  • Customer Support and Loyalty programs

Customer support will play a vital role in deciding the success of your Shopify dropship app. You need to handle the queries of the customers so that you can gain a reputation as a dependable brand. There are other features like loyalty programs and promotions that help you gain more loyal customers for your business.

  • Review, Rating, and Feedback

Reviews, ratings, and feedback are becoming inseparable parts of reputed eCommerce platforms. You should enable your customers to provide reviews and ratings for the products so that other customers can benefit from them.

These ratings and feedback help you to identify the products that are liked by the users. You can use these insights to promote the products that yield the best profits for your business.


These were a few features that your Shopify dropship app should not miss for an effective penetration in the eCommerce industry. You should take help from a reputed Shopify development company to build a Shopify dropshipping app that is profitable.


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