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Effective Ways to Approach Visitors in Different Scenarios

Though, attending exhibition shows serves multiple purposes to exhibitors, getting high leads and generating sales remain a priority for many. After all, it takes a decent investment and effort to organize an exhibition stand. You can only compete well if you hire credible exhibition stand suppliers and market your products well. Thus, it is only natural to expect some returns and profits from such events. To generate sales, it is important to make a good impression on visitors and convince them about your brand.

One of the crucial aspects of engaging visitors is knowing how to approach them. You might see numerous visitors coming toward your stand, walking past your stand, or going to the stand of one of your competitors. It is a bad idea to simply walk up to them and start talking about your products. It is crucial to know how to start a conversation and propel it toward call-to-action. Let us know more about how to approach visitors in different scenarios in this blog-

You See a Visitor Walking Toward Your Stand

This is the most favorable of all situations. If you see a visitor coming toward your stand, then it means that your exhibition stand design does have some sort of impact. In this situation, your staff must not look too impatient. Your staff must get that initial impression spot on to make the customers feel welcome. It is advisable to keep things simple and professional with visitors when they visit your booth. Train your staff to show genuine interest in the visitor with a warm smile and pleasant greetings. It is important to start the conversation by knowing about the visitor’s specific needs and objectives.

You See a Visitor Walking Past Your Booth

Not all visitors will visit your stand as soon as they see it. However, it does not mean that they are not interested in your brand and you should give up on them. During trade shows, you might see some visitors walking past your stand without paying much attention. This can be a tricky situation that can be solved with a proactive approach and adequate selling skills of your staff.

Initiating conversations with visitors who are not paying attention to your stand can be intimidating. However, if you have expert sales staff who know how to converse and engage such visitors, you might see some good results. The most perfect ice-breaker in such situations is inquiring about the objectives of visitors. Your staff can also ask about the kind of products they want and the company they are looking for. This is also quite beneficial to figure out whether they are your qualified leads or not.

A Visitor Comes Inside Your Booth but All Your Staff Is Busy

This is an undesirable situation that can be avoided by keeping adequate staff in your stand. Since visitors have so many booths to visit, they wouldn’t linger much in your stand if they didn’t find anyone to talk to. However, in case, you face any situation like this, your staff can at least look toward such visitors and nod their head with a smile. This will make your visitors feel that their presence has been acknowledged. If conversations with old visitors take some time, they can excuse themselves for a minute and attend to the new visitors.

No Visitor Comes to Your Booth

If you are a new exhibitor, you can find yourself getting overwhelmed by your competitors. Finding no visitors is one of the most challenging situations for an exhibitor. In such a situation, be smart enough to dispatch your staff to find and draw visitors to your stand.Β  You can also try making your stand more illuminated to garner attention. Increase offers and add more giveaways to see whether they create any impact.

Train your staff to identify visitors who look confused and are unable to find the product they are looking for. Your staff must be knowledgeable and skilled enough to address the concerns of such visitors and draw them toward your exhibit. Also, find out reasons for the lack of visitors to improve your presentation in the next show. Find out the flaws in your exhibition stand design and tie up with more experienced booth builders in the next show. Proceed for a custom exhibition stand if you need a specific collection of design elements and features to get the visitors’ attention.


Exhibition shows give you exposure to a wide range of business prospects and investors. However, to get proper returns, you must attract a large number of visitors and approach them professionally. You might not meet visitors in favorable scenarios always. Your staff must have adequate skillsets to deal with such situations and upend them to improve lead generation and sales. The blog deals with tips to approach customers in different situations. To keep optimal traffic flow in your stand and maximize your impact, get a top-quality stand design from professional exhibition stand suppliers. A quality stand makes a positive first impression on the visitors and compels them to visit your booth.


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