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“Don’t give up, fight the cancer”- Arieh Kaplan

arieh kaplan

” You can scream, you are allowed to cry, but don’t you dare give up.” I am Arieh Kaplan, a 21-year-old cancer survivor, and I am adamant that today I will help you to take a step further and try not to give up. You may think that giving up is your ultimate option, but who knows behind those clouds are hidden bright rays of sunshine and a dash of the rainbow. I am here because I have been through a lot of difficulties and struggled daily to survive, but I never once thought of giving up.

I live in Brooklyn, New York, which is a decent place to get treated but still, I have faced many difficulties during my recovery process. Recently, I have been feeling well and started living my life on my own terms. So I wanted to tell you all that the obstacles are worth it. My health condition is Papillary Carcinoma Thyroid which is the most common type of thyroid cancer. The thyroid is a gland situated around the base of the neck.

This disease is easily treatable but my body has other plans, it doesn’t want to be treated. After visiting several hospitals, I got to know about my unique condition. My body has certain cells named ThG, these cells make my cancer grow instead of lessening it.

There were many surgeries to get rid of cancer but these cells make it impossible to cure. After discovering that I have these kinds of cells, I was shattered but I tried to not lose hope. When I was going through these problems I tried to think that these difficulties are something that most cancer patients witness. So instead of sitting in a room, I was determined to spread my motivation to others and help them cure themselves. Giving up has never been a possibility for me, so I am trying to make sure that no one else thinks of it as a possibility.

I will try to motivate and inspire billions of people to try to be positive and not lose hope. Be determined that you can change the fact that you are ill, this mindset will help you to improve your health condition. When you give up you accept defeat, but defeat is for losers, winners never give up and they make sure they win at the end of the day. I received 50,000 followers by posting this story about and I am happy that people are getting inspired by my story and striving to be better than before.


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