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Discover the Best of California with Friends: Top Spots for Groups to Explore

People have several misconceptions about California, but when it comes to travelling for vacation, it’s the best location. Now, American Airlines Group Travel is the best option for travelling with the family. It provides you with the cheapest flights along with the other services at discounted rates.

California is famous for surfing, mountains & other natural amenities. Apart from that, there are several attractions. If you travel with your friend circle, then you have a chance to explore multiple things. It comprises theme parks followed by other famous locations.

This state in the Western region of the United States always tries to make your trip filled with unforgettable memories.

1. Pacific Coast Highway:


If you are in California with your friend’s group, then start your trip from Highway 1, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway. It offers the most amazing scenic views surrounded by the ocean & mountains with a great experience at this place.

However, booking a flight with American Airlines Group Travel helps you to enjoy your trip with your friends at the lowest fares via a common flight & at discounted rates. Now, visiting California always provides new experiences by exploring unique destinations.

2. Disneyland:

The other hidden treasure is Disneyland, which is one of the most famous spots in this state. This famous park includes numerous rides, cuisines, and fireworks. These moments are worth capturing from your cameras. It’s a way to relive your childhood memories.

Whenever you arrive in the United States, tourists always wish to come to Disneyland & enjoy. If you don’t want to enjoy rides, there are other options, like moving around the park & getting familiar with the other attractions.

This place is fun, enjoyable & full of entertainment that is unforgettable & worth creating memories.

3. Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Are you flying to California with your friends? Then you can not ski the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s among the famous & free attractions to enjoy in California. Here, the world’s most famous sidewalks have 2500 stars & are still counting. But, if you are in Los Angeles for the first time, then you should come to this place.

The best thing will be to go for a Hollywood behind-the-scenes tour & these are among the biggest memories to share with the others. Apart from that, you can also take part in the best adventurous activities to make your vacation more exciting.

4. Universal Studios:

You may have heard about the Universal tour, but now it’s time to be here live. It’s a part of an Amusement park. Now, flying with American Airlines Group Travel California helps you enjoy your trip with your friends with the best inflight luxuries at the lowest fares.

Here, you can go for a tour of sets of Hollywood’s famous movies & shows. Moreover, get a chance to ride revenge on the mummy & the Jurrasic world. There are several other ways to enjoy Universal Studios. After the tour, if you want to grab some food then it’s possible & go shopping.

5. Santa Monica:

The main motive for Santa Monica is to hit the pristine beaches of California. Covered with the sand & blue ocean can uplift your whole moment. It’s the best way to relax & spend time within a different kind of environment. If you have done swimming, then you can do other activities.

The passengers can also go shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade & ride bikes along the beach. However, these things help you discover the best of California with friends.

These are a glimpse of the best things to do in Santa Monica, California, but there are other ways to enhance your family vacation.

6. Griffith Observatory:

If you want to explore more of California, then the other hidden treasure is the Griffith Observatory. You can find the slope of Mount Hollywood, which is among the dream spots to visit in California. The observatory has its planetarium, Tesla Coil & public telescopes.

Here, you can get free access with your friends & explore Greek architecture & world-class views. However, you can take your solo & group pictures or go for a videography to capture these unforgettable moments.

Now, within some distance & short hike away from the Griffith Observatory, you can locate another landmark.

7. San Francisco:

While being in California, your whole trip is incomplete without visiting San Francisco. There are several iconic spots to explore, but none of them can beat the popularity of the Golden Gate Bridge in the city. The views from this bridge are more amazing & worth it to enjoy.

You can go for a walk or ride a bike, which are among the unforgettable experiences. It is the best way to increase your followers by taking the best shot from your cameras. However, San Francisco always makes you feel more special in several ways.

8. Angel Island:

It’s the second-largest island in the San Francisco Bay area that offers jaw-dropping views. At present, it’s a national historic landmark and also a state park that you can find to the right in the middle of the city’s bay. You can spend your afternoon hiking around the island.


At last, you can read the above information that guides you about the ways to enjoy your trip to California with your friends.


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