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Can ChatGPT replace the SEO specialist

ChatGPT, the Siri-like chatbot, has been steadily conquering the world since December 2022. The AI took only 5 days to unite a million users around it since its release. It has become a virtual interlocutor and assistant for those who create content, research, and translate. Like many technologies, the bot has its advantages and disadvantages.

The intelligence that conquered the world

Chat GPT is a chatbot created by OpenAI, based on an artificial intelligence model called GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). The main function of the bot is to generate text based on the user’s query (keywords and sentences). In addition, the AI is able to maintain a dialogue on any topic, learning in the process and adapting to the user’s current requests. Thanks to the bot, it is possible to get ready-made solutions to problems, find an error in a particular piece of code or add scientific facts to a report.

Artificial Intelligence is trained on a vast array of data from the Internet, so the information provided is not always correct and requires additional verification.

The engine of progress: ChatGPT perspectives

Writing program code

ChatGPT helps you to create a single piece of code, to identify bugs and bugs in a proposed area.

Answers to questions

It’s pretty simple: while communicating, the AI answers users’ questions using the knowledge base from the training process.

Scenario generation

You can use AI to create new scripts for your favorite movies, featuring characters from other cinematic universes.

Composing songs and poems

ChatGPT is able to generate creative content based on user request.

Medical advice and recommendations

ChatGPT can make rudimentary recommendations for uncomplicated requests. It is important to remember that you should still consult an expert, not the AI.

Building tables and calculations

ChatGPT can calculate the necessary data at the user’s request and present them as a table.

Creating essays and essays

ChatGPT can not only generate an essay on a given topic, but also set the tone of voice and select multiple solutions.

Generating queries for other neural networks

ChatGPT can generate prompts for other neural networks (for example, Midjourney) that generate pictures.


ChatGPT translates texts. The function is useful for correspondence with colleagues from other countries.


Virtually any word, term, sentence, or whole text can be explained using ChatGPT. You can do it not only in dry scientific language, but with phrases understandable even to a child.

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How AI can help or harm the SEO-specialist

We have already found out that this tool can be useful in almost any area of our lives. The work of search engine optimization sites is no exception. For SEO-optimization ChatGPT:

  1. Forms meta tags for a given page/on a given topic. The data available allows the chat-bot to quickly generate ready-made solutions and submit them to a specialist.
  2. Forms technical tasks for various aspects of the site promotion. As we wrote above, the system copes very well with the task of writing a separate section of code and searching for bugs. Why not use this feature in your work on the SEO-promotion of the resource?
  3. Generates small text snippets. For writing a full-fledged technical professional article (especially for topics with high demands on the data provided – medicine, finance, etc.), ChatGPT features are limited. With small texts in the format of the FAQ AI copes great.

Let’s look at an example:

We decided to test how the content generated by AI, affects the ranking of the site.

We chose a client that was as open to all experiments as possible. That way we were able to make a quick decision to use ChatGPT.


  • We selected a list of pages that ranked in organic search.
  • I used a script to parsed the search terms from the list.
  • ChatGPT retrieved popular user responses to the questions.
  • We checked the answers with an expert. This was one of our key points, because
  • Medical topics require correctness and clarity of the data provided.
  • We placed these text blocks on the landing pages.
  • Measured the current position of key requests before and after four weeks.

The result of the experiment: neither positive nor negative dynamics were obtained.

What I liked:

  1. The speed of milestones and content generation.
  2. Quality of the content. Minor edits were needed.

We will continue testing the AI on other domains and with other types of content.

Conclusion: AI will suit you even for complex tasks (with the need for mandatory verification). That way you can free up some time for more important or urgent tasks.

Don’t use AI if you don’t have enough projects to test or if you don’t have time to double-check fact checking and enforcement of the advertising law in your texts.


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