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BOC Sciences Ensures Secure and Rapid Delivery of Isotopically Labeled Materials

BOC Sciences’ radiochemists work closely with the worldwide drug compound research teams to deliver high-quality stable isotope-labeled products as well as consulting and tailor-made services. And more


“Whether clients require an internal standard for quantitative analysis in a clinical study, need to determine metabolic routes and rates, or desire an assay substrate molecule that releases a labeled product distinct from the endogenous product molecules present in a cell or tissue sample, BOC Sciences is ready to advise and offer strategic solutions,” the business development manager of BOC Sciences declared.


BOC Sciences has worked tirelessly to establish a complete list of stable isotope-labeled compounds. These compounds have applications in chemistry, molecular biology, and drug research, which, when further explored, will involve medical diagnostic reagents, environmental detection, and metabolic studies. BOC Sciences’ heritage in chemical material development and the presence of outstanding analytical experts under the same roof allow it to design and produce these isotope-labeled compounds with correct properties for subsequent uses.


BOC Sciences has also invested equally in improving its equipment and isotope labeling technologies. In its international labs, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) are used in combination with other techniques.


After years of accumulation, a mature workflow for isotope labeling gradually takes shape at BOC Sciences. The professional radiochemist team will embark on a thorough discussion with customers prior to order confirmation, either by phone or email, to learn about their exact requirements. Communication between both parties will run throughout the working process to avoid misunderstandings and guarantee ideal results. Once the project is completed, BOC Sciences will provide an experiment report and send the product to the customer’s designated location swiftly.


Compliant with the custom-oriented and professional workflow, BOC Sciences has manufactured and shipped thousands of stable isotope-labeled compounds worldwide with a variety of labeling modes, including:

  • Labeled Impurities
  • Labeled Inhibitors
  • Labeled Metabolites
  • Labeled Polymers
  • Labeled Amino Acids
  • Labeled Peptides
  • Labeled Nucleic Acids
  • Labeled APIs
  • Labeled Building Blocks
  • Labeled Carbohydrates


“Innovations and progress will never cease. We are now planning to develop a wider scope of products. Researchers can keep up to date on our online showroom of isotope labeled materials,” the manager said.



BOC Sciences is a science group that excels in chemistry and biology. Its expertise in isotope labeling chemistry ranges from stock-labeled compounds to customized synthesis services. It can work at large scales while maintaining the highest quality. This makes BOC Sciences an ideal partner in the chemistry, life sciences, and drug discovery market.


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