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Best Ways to Book American Airlines Group Travel

A long time back, customers were used to visiting the nearest airport and standing in a long queue so that they would seek flights to their preferred destination. And that moment was truly hectic for the customers. 

To get the customers rid of that annoying and miserable situation of seeking flight booking, American Airlines has discovered online portals like the official Site and Mobile. Whether it’s about American Airlines Group Travel or individual travel, you must follow the online procedure to seek bookings on American Airlines Flights.

Group Travel Reservations Via American Airlines Official Site

One should follow the same procedure mentioned below while booking the group fare via the official site on American Airlines.

Step-1 Once you access the airline’s official web portal, you are supposed to log in with your id associated with the airline.

Step-2 With this, you will find the next page, where you must click the link related to Group Travel.

Step-3 Now, you will find the contact number of American Airlines Customer Service Executive as per the origin.

Step-4 You should choose the appropriate origin and seek the American Airlines contact number accordingly.

Step-5 Dial the contact number and attend the Interactive Voice Recording carefully.

Step-6 Press the right key to connect with the appropriate experts at American Airlines Customer Service.

Step-7 With this, you would talk to the experts for Group Travel.

Step-8 You need to provide all the required details to the experts and get you the group travel booking. So, better be careful while connecting with American Airlines Group travel experts.

Instead of the guidelines, email the experts regarding the same if you cannot seek group travel booking with American Airlines Reservations. But ensure to insert your contact details while sending an email so that they will call you back if required. Otherwise, you can try to connect with the experts over a call later on; however, the contact number is accessible 24 hours, seven days a week, throughout the year.

Customers can send an email even for raising the request for group travel on American Airlines.

Alternative Extensions to Connect with the Experts

Meanwhile the customers can access the other option mentioned below when the phone number goes busy or hampered with the technical issue. And get ease in connecting with the experts to seek the American Group fare instantly.

  • Live Chat
  • Social Chat
  • SMS



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