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Best Things to do at Beaufort, SC, for a Perfect weekend

Usually, when people often get bored with their regular boring life but intend for some great fun. They probably look for the places where they can have the best compatibility & easily get used to it. Mostly the travellers think about how to enjoy the best weekend ever? So, here’s the solution for the THINGS TO DO IN BEAUFORT SC FOR A PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY.

The city is found on Port Royal island & among South Carolina’s coastal sea islands. Here you will find the historic sea district that is quite interesting. Moreover, United Airlines en Español Telefono desk offers with best air offers & discounted deals.

Here’s a List of The Best Things to do in Beaufort, SC:

Lands end paddling:

It is an interesting outdoor activity, precisely starting from the city’s marina, you can board a kayak & guide. While moving across, you will get across lots of the things that are amazing & provide the best experience as the professional guide will tell you about some different kinds of water activities. These are things such as casting a net for the fish & other things.

You will also get to see the city’s popular landmarks & get the information about the “Old Beaufort.”

Spanish moss trail:

The Lowcountry’s rail to tail stretched about 10 miles & you will also witness the water with marsh views. People can go ahead for walking or enjoy biking under the Oaks along with the pest tied to it with a leash. You can also download the official app & help yourself with finding the restroom & parking lot.

There is no path for the Bay street that, however, connects the Southernmost trailhead. So, the solution is via biking on the streets or hauling the bikes & it will be a quite thrilling adventure.

Hunting Island :

You will somehow love the state parks and this beautiful island where you spend the whole day. The visitor needs to climb the lighthouse to enjoy the outstanding views. Moreover, these are about 40 miles with a normal fee & cash only. As these are considered to be the best THINGS TO DO IN BEAUFORT SC FOR A PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY

Apart from these, you can spare some time & approach the beach located on the North & South side. Both of them have their own specialties that attract the majority of the visitors.

Henry waterfront parks :

The best spot in Beaufort city where you will enjoy the delightful sunset views while facing the marina. However, it’s located quite parallel to Bay street & you will enjoy some great activities as there is a single accommodation available on the Bay St & comprises awesome views.

You can enjoy the beautiful views of the parks followed by the river & as being within 100 ft of the park & spend lots of time.

In the afternoon, you can somehow stroll outside & enjoy a great environment; the visitors can play frisbee.

Gullah Geechee center:

These people are the descendants of the enslaved Africans who were brought to the US & lived in the Lowcountry coastal area. On the other side, it serves as the information centre & the art gallery & you will love to explore this place. These are the THINGS TO DO IN BEAUFORT SC FOR A PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY.

You can interact with the staff & also get to know about the true art & culture of the city. However, apart from moving to other places, they are also paying a visit. Although some of you may not find it quite interesting, try to create certain interests.

Sea island & carriage company:

The same process goes here, as knowing about the city’s great history, so you are therefore advised to visit here. Somehow the kids will love to be here as it’s an open carriage tour. You will enjoy a phenomenal horse ride & while the tour guide will tell you about the historical districts. It’s quite a good way to get comprehensive information about any destination you pay a visit.

You will also get to see the home of Julia Roberts & Sally Fields, where they both used to live at rent. On the other hand, tourists will also find Dr. James Robet Verdier’s home, who discovered the cure for yellow fever.

Old Sheldon church :

This place tells about the ruins of the old temple-style churches in the United States. It was opened in 1757; the religious structure also provided shelter to the military leaders. You can grab an opportunity to visit this place via the Delta Airlines Español Teléfono desk, where the customer can get affordable services & other things.

Unfortunately, the church was burned both times during the revolutionary & the civil war. It does not have a renowned presence at present, but somehow the old architecture still stands.

A bus tour :

While being a part of this 1.5 hrs bus tour, you will get across the real story of the whole city. You can explore the historic districts and old point areas followed by the bluff with the houses or churches. Perhaps, it’s not an ordinary bus, but it also provides you with air-conditioned comfort inside.

You will get all the details related to all the sites & try to come forward with questions that will help to know the hidden truths. There are several townhouses with splendid architecture & showing the way people used to live.

Conclusion :

We have provided you with all sorts of valid information related to the THINGS TO DO IN BEAUFORT SC FOR A PERFECT WEEKEND GETAWAY.


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