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Ark Aadil’s “Dard Dilo Ke” song goes viral.

Ark Aadik is a Indian Singer And Indipendent Artist. He was born on 3 Agust 2008 in pilibhit, a small town in the pilibhit district of utter pradesh. His father’s name is Sharif khan and his mother’s name is Shava khan. He was interested in music and Gaming. Later he started working on YouTube.

Recently, a song by Ark Aadil was released whose name is ‘Dard Dilo ke’. This song has become viral and is getting a lot of views in the music world. This song has been released by Ark Aadil on 28 aprail 2022. Before this, more songs of Ark Aadil have gone viral. Those songs have also won the good hearts of the audience.

Intiyaj’s Life Style: Ark Aadil is a very simple person. They give more importance to their work than to fashion. Because Ark Aadil
lives in the village. And still, he lives with his family in his small village. ark Aadil loves making videos on YouTube. And they belong to the Muslim community.

Ark Aadil Cerrier : Ark Aadil Started Our Carrier In December 2017. It created its first YouTube channel in December 2017. He worked very hard and diligently on that channel. Then for some reason, they had to sell that channel at the end of 2020. Then he created his second channel on 16 February 2021 and started making videos on it. This channel of Ark Aadil also got a lot of love and support from the audience. Apart from this, Ark Aadil also started working in the music field. Due to working in the music field, Ark Aadil’s YouTube channel got verified from the official artist Channel.

Ark Aadil A YouTuber, Singer And Artist. It was Born on 02 February 2003 in Alwar, Utter Pradesh, India (Pilibhit, India). Ark Aadil is a Famous Gaming Youtuber of Utter Pradesh. It makes videos related to Gaming and YouTube on its channel. Apart from this, he is also a musical artist.

Social Platforms: Ark Aadil works on many social platforms. It gets its songs delivered on all music platforms. And Ark Aadil has been verified by the Official Artist Verification Badge on YouTube. Apart from this, it is also verified on all music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Resso Music, Anghami Music, Jaxsta Music, Boomplay, AudioMack, Vero, Jio Saavn, etc. And it has also been verified by Google Panel.


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