Abhinav Ka Anubhav is more than a Music Artists.


Abhinav mishra is an indian musical artist and software engineer at multinational company, influencer and internet personality who is mostly known as an abhinav ka anubhav rather than abhinav mishra. He was born on 31st may 1999 in lucknow, uttar pradesh. At the age of 17, he started his abhinav ka anubhav & music career.

He is also a motivational speaker. His interest in music making and in software engineering has made him a familiar face through his medium since, the days of his student life. He is such a cool, charming and handsome boy with single as a relationship status.

He released music on his own initiative, in the means time, his released β€œnandi na bolabay kai sa jaduwa dala re β€œ, “awaken dragon” is one of his songs. His songs has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. It is known that abhinav mishra’s new music dot is going to be released soon.

He started his journey as a musical artist, youtuber and popular person in 2018 and since then he has lots of subscribers on youtube and lot many followers on instagram. He has also taken interviews of many big youtuber’s as you can also checkout them on his official youtube channel abhinav ka anubhav.

He is at the success indian music platform and creation. In 2021, he released his 1st album β€œnandi na bolabay kai sa jaduwa dala re”, the success of the first solo album is followed by the release of one single. Since, then he has been working and collaborating songs and brand groups. In february 2022 he released his β€œawaken dragon”.

Abhinav mishra is an indian successful musical artist and youtuber. His songs are well known on youtube and other international platforms such as spotify, google play music, itunes, amazon music, sound cloud, apple music deezers and many more. He is also well known on instagram, twitter, and facebook for his success.

Abhinav mishra has done his schooling from lucknow public school, he has done his basic computer application from swami vivekananda subharti university meerut. He was just good student in other subjects but when it comes to computer science, he was the best student in his collage and school.

It’s end here, abhinav has done a lot of works, recently he directed a music video which more than 2 million and it’s not one video which abhinav has directed there more than ten music video directed by Abhinav Mishra.

He use to write the lyrics, there is very famous song kera ka patta lamma which is written by Abhinav Mishra.


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