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Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Not Working Error In Quick Ways

As QuickBooks users, we all encounter QuickBooks common errors and technical glitches. The QuickBooks payroll update not working is an annoying common error. QuickBooks payroll feature is one of the excellent QuickBooks utilities that help business professionals manage their employee payroll operations impeccably. Well, to be on the top and run payroll management with the latest software trends, updates are necessary. However, the payroll update error prevents us from doing so. 

Don’t you think we must take quick and effective actions to troubleshoot this disturbing QuickBooks payroll update not working error? Of course, yes! That’s why we have come up with this insightful guide. Continue reading, learn about the error in-depth, and fix the issue permanently. This blog will cover the main reasons behind the issue and the necessary troubleshooting solutions. 

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QuickBooks Payroll Update Not Working Error: A Brief Note

Updating the payroll tool in QuickBooks is necessary to avoid any further issues or glitches and keep our organizations up-to-date. Agree? We may encounter a QuickBooks payroll update not working error during the payroll update process only. This error is mainly a result of the corrupted and damaged QuickBooks software installation file. Many other factors can also contribute to this error, which we will discuss in this blog. So, let’s continue.

Why Do Users Face QuickBooks Payroll Not Updating Error

Below, we have listed a few factors contributing to the QuickBooks payroll not updating error. Have a look and understand what rooted this error in your application. 

  • You may face payroll update issues if you’re using an incorrect service key for your QuickBooks payroll product. 
  • Your computer system’s incorrect date and time settings can bring obstacles when you try to download the QuickBooks payroll updates.
  • The corrupted or damaged QuickBooks software company files can also effectively contribute to this payroll update problem. 
  • Your QuickBooks payroll update may be interrupted due to invalid or incorrect paycheck information. 
  • Another notable cause of this annoying QuickBooks payroll update not working error is the invalid Employee Identification Number. 
  • While running your QuickBooks application and trying to update payroll, ensure you have logged in as an admin to the account. Else, you may fail to update your payroll. 
  • An outdated QuickBooks software version can also stop the seamless and successful payroll update. 
  • The inactive QuickBooks payroll subscription is also one of the primary reasons for users facing the payroll update issue. 

Quick Methods to Apply & Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error

This section can be your upper hand when you are facing a QuickBooks payroll update not working error. Take a look at the following methods and perform them to eliminate the payroll issue. 

Troubleshooting Approach 1 – Restore your Internet Browser’s Settings 

Follow the directions exactly as mentioned below: 

  1. First, close your QuickBooks application and its windows, and navigate to open your Internet Explorer. 
  2. Here, in the top-right corner of your computer screen, you will see an option for Tools. Click on this Tools icon, and hit the Internet Options button. 
  3. Now, move to the Advanced tab and click the Reset or Restore Defaults alternative. After this, click the Apply option followed by the OK button. 
  4. After confirming the settings, now open your QuickBooks application and click the Employees button. 
  5. Here, select the option for Get payroll updates and continue to tick-mark the Download Entire Update box. 
  6. Now, you are required to hit the Download Latest Update tab and wait till the download process is hassle-freely over. After the completion, you will get a notification with the message “Download Complete.”

Troubleshooting Approach 2 – Reset your System’s Date/Time Settings

If the above method has failed, try this one by following these points: 

  1. Firstly, select the Adjust Date/Time option by navigating to the Context menu of your computer system’s clock. 
  2. In the next step, choose the Change date and time option from the drop-down menu, followed by clicking the OK button twice to confirm your changed date/time settings.
  3. Now, close the date/time settings window and open your QuickBooks application afresh. 
  4. After this, you can now reattempt to download your QuickBooks payroll updates. 

Troubleshooting Approach 3 – Take Help from QuickBooks Verify Data and Rebuild Data Utility

The QuickBooks Verify Data and Rebuild Data utility can help users fix the stubborn QuickBooks update not working error. Let’s learn how to use this tool: 

  1. To begin this method, first, you must open your QuickBooks application afresh and close all the other background running Windows programs. 
  2. Next, move to the File tab, and select the Utilities option to choose the Verify Data tool option further. 
  3. Now, click the OK button to stop all the active processes running in the background and wait till the Verify Data tool starts working. 
  4. Here, you will notice an error message on your computer screen that will inform you to repair your QuickBooks company file using the Rebuild Data utility. 
  5. For this, you need to navigate back to the File menu button and go to the Utilities option. 
  6. From here, select the Rebuild Data tool option, and by this, you will receive some prompts on your screen. 
  7. Follow these prompts, and continue to create a QuickBooks company file backup. After this, press the OK button, and proceed further. 
  8. Now, let the Rebuild Data tool run and fix the issues with your company file. Once done, tap the OK button to finish everything. 

Contact Our Professionals For Further Help!

We hope you have figured out the QuickBooks payroll update not working error with the help of the solutions given above. However, we understand these procedures are technical, and you may find them a bit confusing. If it’s so, you can take help from our QuickBooks professionals. Contact our team of certified and proficient technicians via Live Chat Support for further help and information about the error. We assure you with our effective and promising professional assistance. 


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