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8 Most Beautiful Flowers That Will Leave You Mesmerized

There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself. It is always best to start a day with the aroma of fresh flowers as they inculcate freshness in our mind, soul and the day. The thought of flowers brings an impulse of freshness, love and mesmerism to us. We all are forever enchanted by the way nature presents itself to us, as we all know nature is eternally alluring and beckoning. 

Flowers are mostly known for their lively colours, numerical uses in medicines, oil extraction, beautiful fragrance, and decoration. The word flower means bloom, as we are primarily by its enchanting blossom, mind-boggling perfume, and colourful petals. So captivating is the way that flowers present themselves. It is just irresistible. Get the blooming bouquet of flowers by ordering flowers online and fashionate your day with its pleasantness.

Morning glory

This flower has lovely blue petals, and as its name signifies, it is mostly in its full bloom in the morning and slowly wilts or curls away in the late noon. Such flowers usually prefer total solar exposure and the lack of which causes wilting of petals. 

It was first known in China and is generally famous for the medicinal values present in its seeds. This plant is usually cultivated in areas with no frost or frost-free climates as some species of these flowers are not winter resistant.


Such flowers usually have large petals and are colourful, and they are generally mixed flowers derived from other species. Their petals are typically white, yellow or blueish. These flowers also change their degree by the sunlight available and require well-draining soils. They grow up to a height of 9 inches as per the adaptability of plants. Pansies are primarily famous because of their violet tricolour and the romanticism these calm colours impart.

Orange tiger lily

These flowers are orange in colour and have a tiger-like appearance, as so the name signifies. Orange lilies represent confidence and wealth. They are primarily found growing wild in and around the corner of the earth. Orange lilies have a bulb-like structure to the bottom of the petals. They’re mainly used for the treatment of heart pain. It is used for strengthening the eyelid muscles and treatment of other heart-rate related issues.


This plant is also known as the firecracker flower as they have seeds that, when it gets dried, tend to explode in high humidity or rainfall. They usually grow to 1 meter and have glossy fan-shaped flowers, and come under the category of evergreen plants. 

They have a wide range of colours from orange to apricot, coral to red and even turquoise. These flowers are mainly used for decorative purposes, and they usually stay fresh for a longer duration in nature and can be used for home decoration purposes.

Scarlet milkweed

This flower comes under the category of evergreen plants and is a subshrub. It grows tall about three to four feet and has a milky sap flowing through its tubes, giving it the name of milkweed. It is a spring to autumn flower, and it has spindle-shaped pods. 

It is mainly grown in South America, but now due to its significant demand worldwide, it is grown everywhere across the globe. These flowers are the favourite of monarch butterflies due to their sweet nectar.

Bluewater lily

Bluewater lily is mainly known for its vibrant colours and its sacred purposes. It is firstly found in the banks of the Nile River in Egypt, and the Egyptian people primarily use it for religious purposes in the temples. It symbolizes rebirth and also as a symbol of the sun. It is used as an anxiety reliever and sleeping aid. 

Nowadays, these are available almost everywhere around the corner. You can also order flowers with help of online flower delivery in Bangalore and surprise your dear ones with a bouquet of fresh blue water lilies.

Bleeding heart

This is one of the most attractive flowers because of its extraordinary shape and heart-shaped flower looking like a bleeding heart. This flower symbolizes love and romance because of its deep red petals. It has some medicinal values, like it is used to treat people having syphilis and helps increase appetite. It helps in stimulating liver metabolism and enables anabolic function in sick people.


Poppies are usually known for their colourful petals. Their seeds are rich in carbohydrates, calcium and protein. It is used in various medicines as morphine which is used to treat patients having severe pain around the body and is also used as an analgesic and narcotic drug. They are also used in spices and paints, and varnishes, and sometimes used in cosmetics.

Lastly, flowers form the basics of presentation, beauty, aroma and many other uses. They enhance our love for nature and the feeling of nature’s allure through their beautiful colourful petals and lively fragrance and appearance. 

There are vast choices of flowers available that one can buy online and send a lovely bouquet of love and surprises through these flowers to loved ones staying away. In the modern era of the digital world and hectic life schedules, bouquets of exotic flowers can make your day.


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