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6 Simple Ideas for Corporate Entertainment

Do you have a gathering or party planned soon? You’ll discover simple corporate entertainment suggestions and activities on this page.

The ideal times to entertain your staff, important partners, and stakeholders are at office parties and business events. Everyone works hard all year, so don’t pass up the chance to relax and enjoy yourself!

Simple Ideas for Corporate Entertainment

Much consideration for choosing or organizing corporate entertainment is based on the intended audience and party ambiance. The various corporate entertainment suggestions listed below may be used for multiple gatherings and occasions.

You may read our basic recruiting suggestions for fantastic corporate entertainment if you want broad guidance.

1. Comedy/Fake Awards

Come up with fictitious awards that may be chosen in advance or at night. Distribute gifts to each award recipient. You must always maintain the awards in a good light. After all, this is a party. You don’t want to undermine the victor’s confidence.

Here are a few examples: “Most likely to secretly be a dog person,” “Most likely to drink the most coffee cups,” and “Always joyful on Monday mornings even when it’s pouring.”

2. Bingo

Bingo is a fantastic way to raise money and is quite popular at business events. Both planning and playing them are simple and clear.

Music bingo is a unique and incredibly entertaining variation of the traditional game of bingo where a DJ plays songs, and you mark off the pieces on your card as you recognize them. It’s a fantastic method to listen to music while still engaging in a game.

Pro-tip: Bring extra pens and make sure the location has tables or other flat surfaces for writing. If not, you might be better off engaging in anything else.

3. Popping balloons

Another classic is popping balloons, which are typically done to raise money.

Have a lot of balloons on show, that’s all. Each balloon contains a sheet of paper, either blank or bearing a prize. Your visitors can pay a set sum to pop any balloon if you’re holding a fundraiser. If not, each visitor will receive a free balloon just for coming. If there is a gift inside, they will receive it.

4. Talent Show

This idea is straightforward. Ask your staff members if they would be willing to work for the firm as a whole. Comedians, musicians, dancers—even if your business is modest, you’d be astonished at how talented your staff members are.

Plan the event’s stage and microphone. Then set aside a specified time for each performance; 10 minutes should be plenty. Plan a modest thank-you gift for each participant as a token of appreciation.

5. Videos and PowerPoints with humor

Long, boring PowerPoint presentations are dreaded by everyone. For a business party, they may be a fantastic (and simple) source of entertainment.

Either ask the managers to create a humorous presentation or ask the various teams to do so. It’s the ideal chance to showcase the culture of your business.

Whatever you choose might be the subject of the PowerPoint. For instance, reviewing the year’s highlights, a “fake” day in the life of the CEO, or a false business strategy to rule the planet…

It’s a terrific moment to sneak in huge victories if you have them. Remember that it’s a show, not a business meeting.

6. Hire a Magician

You may engage a magician to amuse your guests if you want to give them an experience they won’t soon forget.

Magicians are frequently hired to perform “mix and mingle” magic at business gatherings. Here, the magician will perform for small groups of your guests at a time as they mingle.

Usually, this takes place at the reception, between the courses of dinner, or just before the band performs.

But you may also hire a magician for a theatrical presentation. This is a formal performance similar to that of a comedian. This typically occurs after everyone has a seat at a table.

Final words

We wish you the best of luck with your event and these suggestions for corporate entertainment.

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