6 key factors in choosing the right conveyor for efficient material handling

Material Handling Equipment is one of the main things that need to work well for many industries. And, do you know what it takes to handle it efficiently? Yes, the conveyors look after that. The presence of conveyors is very common in almost all industry types. In the modern industries, it is not only about the material transfer and handling, but also about the sorting of materials to the right place. You need to consult the right manufacturer and supplier to know about the type of conveyor that will suit your industry type. A wrong kind of conveyor can cost you a fortune and it can create a stressful situation.

We have a list of some of the key factors to consider that will help you in figuring the right kind of conveyor for efficient material handling.

  • Know your environment: Is it a cold or a hot or at room temperature at which the conveyor will operate? Sound strange to you? However, it is true. At times, it can be dusty or it can be loaded with heavy materials. The conveyor may also have to withstand extreme heat or face chemical sprays on it. Hence, speak about the nature of your warehouse to the expert and ask for the conveyor type accordingly.
  • Nature of the product: What exactly is the product that you will transfer? It is necessary to know about the material type too so that an expert can suggest such a type of conveyor. Is the material heavy or light in weight? Is it large-sized or small-sized? Durability and fragile nature is another factor to consider while choosing conveyor.
  • Conveyor scalability: How much big is the warehouse? What is the length or the width of the conveyor that you need? Is it occupying too much of your warehouse’s space? Well, here you need to tell the conveyor supplier about your warehouse space and suggest you a conveyor accordingly. When the material handling conveyor scales up high in your warehouse then, it is a problem associated with space. In such cases, customization is the key. We are open to customization, unlike other manufacturers. Hence, you may have the conveyor that suits your space.
  • Working hours: For how many hours the conveyor would work? What is the time for one cycle to complete? You should discuss these things with the supplier. Conveyors work on the motor’s strength. Hence, you don’t want it to get overloaded, resulting in a break-up. Let’s get to know about the working patterns and your demand for the belt conveyor for your material handling. This will result in efficient material handling and reduced energy cost.
  • Future goals: Do you wish to expand your space in the future? By any chance, are you going to use this conveyor for any other material type than specified? If you have such plans for the future, then it is better to choose the design of the conveyor accordingly. It will save cost, and you will have a better set up for the future.
  • Speak to an expert: Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of conveyors for efficient material handling. Whether you are looking forward to having customization or a suggestion, our team is happy to help. Our motto is to give our clients a conveyor that will accomplish their tasks without possible hurdles.

We understand that virtual demonstration of material handling equipment may look satisfying but when it comes to reality, it may not work that effectively. Hence to avoid any further hassles, we organize a visit to the workplace and analyze all the criteria’s. We look into all the factors before making any suggestion. Though, our material handling equipment is mostly compatible with carrying almost all the materials in the system.

Trimech India has gained a reputation as one of the leading and quality supplier of conveyor for efficient material handling equipments. We are open to changes as per the demand because we understand the need to giving different to the owner. Speak to us, and we shall guide you with the process.


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