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5 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Showing Up on Google and How to Fix It.

Even after doing everything perfect, you can’t find your website in Google searches? Are you doing something wrong?

Before we go into the discussion, you first need to know that when you are searching something on Google, you don’t get a website but a particular page of your website. And you may have the idea that there is a huge difference between a website and a page.

Even if your website is on the top, and Google doesn’t find your page relevant, your page is not going to rank and it won’t show up anywhere. So, here we are to discuss the top 5 reasons why your website isn’t showing up and how to fix it.

Let’s dive into this deep discussion.

1. The content on the website is not relevant

To rank, it is not required for a website to have longer form of content only. But it seems Google persuades the longer form of content more if they are in a proper manner, and are well researched.

If there are two websites with similar content, Google will rank the content which has extra and relevant information. Search engines want to satisfy searcher’s needs and queries; on that basis, they rank a website.

If you satisfy the user’s need with your content and they don’t have to go anywhere else which makes you more chances to rank easily. Good content won’t always mean you have to make it lengthy. It should be short, simple, engaging, and valuable.

Way to fix content quality

If you want to work on content quality, you need professional writers. They understand the pattern of writing to make your content rank on Google. They also work on your already existing pages and improve your position in search results.

The content should always have updated new and additional information, which is not already present anywhere in search results. For better content management you can consider a content marketing agency too.

2. The website isn’t crawled or indexed

There are a few reasons for a website not to be crawled or indexed, due to which it won’t appear in search results.

  • If your site or page is new it will take some time for Google to crawl it after you posted something. Depending on various factors the time difference varies from a day to two to a few weeks. For the ranking of a website Google also considers both the number and quality of inbound links and the new websites don’t have a lot of inbound links with them. Other than that building a strong domain authority also takes time, making it difficult for a new website to rank.
  • If your older sites are not ranking, you need to check the use of the “no index” tag. It stops crawlers and won’t allow them to index a particular page. Though the “no index” tag has some advantages, you need to consider the advice of an SEO specialist before using it.
  • WordPress-based websites have built-in features, which won’t allow the search engine to index the page. You need to change this setting manually.
  • Another major reason is if you restructure your website or change your domain and it is not done properly and systematically, it may affect your already existing pages, by decreasing their ranking.

Ways to fix the “no index” tag

First, you need to create an account on Google Search Console. This is done to make sure that the crawler reaches your sitemap.xml and indexes your URLs because Google doesn’t guarantee site indexing and it can take a lot of time also.

You can also update the “no index” tags in the code, to ensure that Google indexes your pages.

3. Optimization of a website

There are thousands of factors that are considered while ranking a website. Search Engine Optimization is one of them. It is a set of practices that boost your ranking and increase your revenue rate.

Without SEO, any website will not rank, making it impossible for people to reach and know about your business.

Ways to fix the optimization of a website

Go with an SEO audit of your website, which gives you ideas to improve the website and help it in achieving top rank.

4. The selected Keyword is highly competitive

If you are doing everything perfectly and still, your website is not ranking, then you need to analyze the keyword you are using. If you don’t do keyword research, you may target keywords that are not helpful for the market or you may end up with a highly competitive keyword.

The competitive keywords take you in front of big brands, which mostly leads to the destruction of your business. So, that’s why you should consider doing keyword research before using it.

Even after the research, try to use long phases as they contain two or more keywords in them. These keywords have less search volume but also have less competition, which ends up helping you rank better on Google. The long phase keyword also gives a clear vision of the user’s intent.

Way to fix Keyword selection

It can be fixed by doing research, before the execution of any other step. You can use tools like Keywords FX, Google’s Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool, and others to identify a keyword that has less competition. This will help your business to grow in a better way.

To reach more clients and be at the top of the Google search, you need to target less competitive but more in-demand keywords.

5. Google Penalty

Google penalties are of two types

  • Manual (This happens when a Google employee removes your website after manually reviewing it).
  • Algorithmic (This happens when the Google algorithm removes or suspends your website, because of a quality issue).

If your website doesn’t fulfill Google’s needs. It can be removed easily from the search result, temporarily or sometimes permanently also.

Though manual penalties are rare, they are not impossible. It can happen to you if you have made a highly unexpected error.

Way to fix the penalty

There will be a penalty alert, to know about it check the Google search console. If your site is in a penalty, you need to make changes to your website according to Google guidelines. After that, you can submit the site again for inspection.

If your submitted site is up to the mark it will get back on Google, after inspection.

Summing it up!

Ranking on Google is not a big deal, but for that, you need to understand and work on a few things. You have to clear out all the technical problems, and other than that, you should know about your competition—what their strengths and weaknesses are.

In addition to that, you need to create backlinks and authority and use a less competitive keyword. It’s a bit hectic, right?

If you want someone to do all of that for you, you can contact UNIbizTec. Our team of digital marketers, content writers, and web developers offers SEO Services in Gurgaon, Custom Web Development services, according to the needs of the client, to help them grow their business and make their site rank on Google.

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