3 rules that will make sure your business is doing great in 2 years time

Here are 3 rules that will make sure your business is doing great in 2 years’ time

Rule 1: Focus on the business model, not social media-

Β It is important to know what you actually do and why it is interesting or useful to others, rather than just trying to get more followers on social media

Take Uber for example. They did not start off by saying that they will become the most popular taxi app in the world. In fact, its founder Travis Kalanick said that he wanted to be a millionaire from an early age but never thought of starting a business until late at night when he was drunk with friends in Paris. He saw how hard it is for people who need a ride to find nearby taxis available nearby and realized there is a market opportunity. After months of development and persistence, Uber launched their first version of a cab-hailing app in San Francisco. This time, they made a business model, not a social media campaign. The app took off and Uber became an instant success, with customers choosing the service over cabs in some cities.

Rule 2: Use people in your network to drive traffic to your website-

Β If you think that social media is all it takes to get your business known out there, then guess again. You will need people in your network to drive traffic to your website and vice versa

Take the example of Kevin Rose. Before starting Digg, Kevin started a chat room for entrepreneurs in his Facebook group called Startup Digest. The chat room helped him build a rapport with his members and when he was ready to launch Digg, they eagerly awaited its arrival. When his service was launched, everyone went nuts sharing links from their social media pages and Digg soared in no time

Rule 3: Be solution oriented; think of problems you can solve for people-Β 

The best entrepreneurs in the world never say things like “hey this is a product we want to create and people don’t really need it”, but rather ask questions like:

  • Which problem would your solution solve?
  • What if… and how can you fix it?

Take Twitter for example. Microblogging was absolutely missing from the social media scene before Jack Dorsey founded Twitter, which let users send messages of 140 characters to their friends. He asked himself, what if tweets are passively consumed by users on Facebook or blogs instead of being actively shared by them? Asking that question motivated him to build Twitter into one of the most successful social media platforms out there. Now let’s turn our attention back to Uber – wouldn’t you think that before getting drunk in Paris, Travis asked himself “What if it is hard to call a taxi and there is no one around (or it’s raining)?”

The story goes – when it comes to starting up your business, there are many things that will need to be taken care of. There is no doubt about this fact. However, do you know the 3 most important things that will make sure your business does great in no time?Β 

You might have heard of the saying ‘give people what they want’ right? If your business is not doing great, then this may be the reason why.Β 

Here are some quick tips on how you can make sure you don’t lose out on profits because of ignoring important factors in your business.Β 

Small business ideas can actually make you a millionaire if done right. But not all small businesses are good enough to be one of the top small business ideas today. So, for this particular post, I will discuss some common mistakes that people do when choosing a small business idea and how to avoid them.Β 

People often get confused between starting a business vs a franchise. The truth is both have their own pros and cons but they also share many things in common too. Of course, the biggest difference between these two is that starting your own thing requires you to take full financial responsibility while buying into an existing franchise brand guarantees you management structure and training. Even though there are huge differences, another important factor that makes it hard to choose one over the other is that there are many things you will need to take care of before jumping into any small business ideas.


One of the main reasons why I wrote this short piece was because I wanted someone like myself who has never owned a web-based business before and perhaps doesn’t know much about this topic to learn something that will be useful for them. I hope that someone was able to learn something new from this particular post and I also hope you guys will have a great time reading it!


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