Friday, July 12, 2024

20 year old Swapnil Jamne is motivating more then 10 lakh youths through his Instagram page

Swapnil Jamne, A 20 year old boy who was born in Balaghat, a small town of Madhya Pradesh. He belonged to a middle class family. At present he is living in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) for his studies. He started his social media journey when he was in 12th standard. And according to some people of the society his dreams weren’t something which was worthy enough to be supported. He had to break many societal norms to become what he is today, which is a Social Media Influencer. Today he has an influence over millions of people through his page which is @the_deep_thinker.
This page is based on human feelings/motivation. He supported Brands like, Beardo, AmpMe, Tiktok, Hello, Vigo, MPL, Ludo and many more brands for carrying out their paid promotion campaigns. In this Digital world, Swapnil has his Own 1 Million followers base and network upto 100 Million base.
He says “Social media influencers have the power to reach & give information to 1/7 world population. They have the potential to share wisdom & bring happiness people’s live. However, if the power is simply used to advertise, to exploit people then power,money & fame with all its influence can ruin people.”
Beside Instagram, He has also the knowledge about Facebook And YouTube. He has helped many international clients to grow their followers organically and is minting money in dollars.
Isn’t He a true influencer..?
Follow @the_deep_thinker on Instagram For some Motivational & Heart Touching Content.



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