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10 interesting facts about the 50 US states

No wonder the United States is full of diversity, as it is the fourth largest country in the world. With distinct landscapes, different cultures, and laws, you will find that each state has its unique identity. The nation is a world power today with a vast history that tells a compelling story in itself, leaving you wondering about more interesting facts about the US states. The country has a significant influence over the planet in all fields, be it political, military, or cultural. Read along to enjoy the mind-blowing facts about the country you can bet you didn’t know.

Delaware: National Park System and chickens

You will not find a single national park system, including the seashore or memorial in Delaware. The state has 200 chickens in ratio to one person.

Pennsylvania: Chocolate & Cheesesteak Sandwich

Named after William Pitt the Elder, Pennsylvania is the chocolate capital of the world and is also renowned for the Cheesesteak Sandwich enjoyed by many.Β 

Nebraska- The Birthplace of Warren Buffett

Synonymous with agribusiness, Nebraska is the 37th state of the US. It is the birthplace of the legend Warren Buffet. He is one of the richest men in the world. The memorial stadium is situated in the state which has the capacity to hold a crowd of over 80000 people.

Arizona: the Grand Canyon

The 48th state in the US – Arizona is stunning due to the Grand Canyon. The state also has jaw-dropping mountains with some of the most beautiful peaks making it a hikers paradise.

Georgia: pecan production

The state of Georgia leads in pecan production in the world. Many cities of the state produce peanuts, soybeans, and much more in large quantities

Massachusetts and Boston: NBA championships

Massachusetts and Boston have bagged plenty of sports awards. The city has won more than 15 championships in the NBA. Interestingly, Massachusetts is the first to legalize same-sex marriage.

Rhode Island: cutleries and jewelry production

Rhode Island is popular due to its cutlery and jewelry production. Other than being awarded as the jewelry capital of the world, the state has enforced the laws in the palace to ensure equal opportunity for the homeless.

Kentucky: Fried chicken

Home to KFC, Kentucky also has the finest racehorses in the world. The state is famous for being the Bluegrass State as the blue color grass covers it.

Alabama: Cotton production

This state is known as the β€œHeart of Dixie” and the β€œCotton State.” This is due to its influence on the South’s history and mass cotton production respectively. You will also find major natural resources in the state.

Maine: Lobster capital

Maine is known for lobsters, as most of the harvest comes from this state. It has a coastline extending to 5600 kilometers, making it possible. This state is also the closest to Africa.

The most interesting facts about the 50 US states are listed above. However, you can easily find interesting facts about each and every state of the nation. Did these spark the wanderlust in you?Β  If any of these facts inspire you to travel to one of the states, you can easily findΒ  Affordable flight offers when you make an advance reservation. Plan the next thrilling adventure lying on a gorgeous beach in Hawaii or hike among the mountains in Arizona. Whatever you choose to do, you can be confident you will not have a single dull moment.


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