Course Project Milestone 2   Milestones are a cheap custom writing service to focus your project on its most important parts and avoid missing out on key tasks. They also help keep everyone accountable and demonstrate measures of success. They can be adapted for other purposes, such as meeting reminders and indicators of transitions between project stages, reference and celebration points, and much more!   A project milestone is a point in time during which a project team or project sponsor can see that progress has been made and where the project stands on schedule. The completion of a milestone signals a significant change in the status of a project.   This is a crucial part of any project. It provides a Course Project Milestone 2, clear, and concise overview of the status of a project and helps the team know when it's time to make changes. It's important to keep track of milestones throughout a project and be aware of any challenges or roadblocks that might impact your progress.   Proposal (Required)   The proposal is the initial plan of what your project will accomplish. It should be a complete and robust plan with a clear and specific purpose, and it is recommended that you update this plan after feedback and findings are received from your course staff and classmates.   Your proposal NR 393 Week 4 Course Project Milestone 2 and a short presentation, with a maximum of 3 to 4 slides per presentation. It should describe what your research goal is, how you plan to meet that goal, and any other details that are necessary for the project to succeed.   Review the grading rubric and guidelines for this milestone before beginning your work. Once you have reviewed the document and guidelines, download and save a copy of the Milestone 2 Template (Links to an external site.) to your computer in Microsoft Word 2013 or later.   Carefully NR 439 Week 6 criteria and the APA formatting requirements for this milestone before you begin your work. Once you have reviewed the document, save a copy of the Milestone 2 template to your computer in Microsoft Word 2013 or later and type directly on it.   Create a brief statement of the patient scenario from the Milestone 1 assignment, including any revisions based on Milestone 1 faculty feedback. If needed, add a mHealth app citation and reference in APA format.   Identify a mHealth app that you believe will benefit the patient in your patient scenario. In your statement, explain how you will use the mHealth app to educate the patient and what content you are planning to teach in the education.   Prepare a paper prototype, and then non nursing theories used in nursing it with user testing over the course of three rounds. Each round should include at least three different users. Take detailed notes on each user's experience with your prototype during the testing process.   Once your prototype has been refined, write a paper report that includes the following sections: 1. The design and implementation of the prototype; 2. The design requirements for the prototype; 3. The iterative refinement of the prototype through user testing; 4. The paper prototype report.    

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