Jahed Al Hassan, a Bangladeshi Islamic Nasheed artist and a rising star in Bangladesh. Jahed Al-Hassan, who spent his childhood and adolescence, was born and raised in Goalabazar, Sylhet (July 5, 2006).He has been dreaming of becoming a graphic designer since childhood and he is moving forward with that goal in mind. Everyone praised him for his small talent and his first single 'Eid Mubarak Assalam'. Jahed Al Hassan is not just an Islamic artist, he is an all-rounder in every respect. She is a vlogger, influential, graphic designer and sound designer. He is the founder and CEO of a recording label called ‘J.A. Sound Productions’. Jahed Al-Hassan's first single Nasheed 'Vijayer Gane Gane', written by SH Suhag, and directed by Junaid Al Hassan, was recorded at 'The Tune Studio' and a music video has been released on YouTube. Recently, it has been released on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more music platforms.Recently, Jahed Al-Hassan received the YouTube Verified Artist Badge on his official channel ‘Jahed Al-Hasan’, earning this prestigious badge as a Bangladeshi Nasheed artist. Moreover, he is a verified artist of Spotify.His original song 'Eid Mubarak Assalam' has received a huge response in the Islamic Nasheed arena. He also sang ‘Vijayer Gane Gane’, ‘Tribhuvaner Priyo Muhammad’, ‘Eid Miladunnabi’, ‘Ramzan Alo’, ‘Born in Bangladesh’, and many more Islamic songs.

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