Amir Salvator (born October 27, 2005) professionally known as "Drillbaz" is an Iranian music producer, composer, distributor, sound engineer, and founder of Salvator Music Limited. He was very interested in the style of Drill Music and that's why he chose this nickname for himself. He is also very interested in learning about the music industry, among the music platforms that can be mentioned are Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, YouTube, etc. Music industry is an industry that always has the ability to improve and can have good profits for musical artists, although there are improvement music labels that make musical artists progress, although not all the musical artists are able to sign with labels. Of course, many people hate music marketing because it is not properly defined for them and they see only its disadvantages. But with strong marketing, the musical artists will progress much faster, of course in the right way.

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