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YouTube Vanced | Download Youtube Vanced APK


In the vast landscape of video streaming platforms, YouTube reigns supreme, boasting billions of videos and even more views every day. However, frequent users of the platform have often yearned for more features and customization options. Enter YouTube Vanced APK, a modified version of the original YouTube app. This unique variant brings a plethora of enhanced features, giving users more control over their viewing experience, from background playback to ad-blocking capabilities. Whether you’re a casual YouTube viewer or an ardent video enthusiast, understanding the potential of YouTube Vanced can redefine the way you interact with the platform. Join us as we delve deeper into its features, benefits, and how it’s changing the game for video streaming aficionados.

Features of YouTube Vanced:

Ad-Free Viewing:

Perhaps the most appreciated feature, YouTube Vanced APK blocks all video ads, ensuring uninterrupted viewing for its users.

Background Playback:

This allows users to continue listening to videos even when they’ve switched to another app or turned off their screen, a functionality often reserved for YouTube Premium subscribers.

Built-in Sponsor Block:

This feature lets users skip over sponsored segments of videos, allowing for a more streamlined viewing experience.https://maxternmedia.com/

Override Max Resolution:

Bypass the maximum resolution limit set by YouTube, enabling users to watch videos in their desired resolution irrespective of their device or network conditions.

Force HDR Mode:

Users can force the app to play videos in HDR, provided their device supports it.

Custom Themes:

YouTube Vanced offers various themes like dark, black, and many more, allowing users to personalize their interface.

Pinch to Zoom:

This feature, available for all devices, lets users pinch to zoom into videos, making the most of their screen space.

Swipe Controls:

Users can increase or decrease brightness and volume by simply swiping up or down on the left or right side of the video player, respectively.

Customizable Speed and Resolution:

YouTube Vanced allows users to set a default playback speed and resolution, providing a tailored viewing experience every time.

Enhanced Comment Features:

Users have the ability to block specific terms or channels from appearing in their comment sections.

How to Use YouTube Vanced?

  1. Before downloading YouTube Vanced, ensure you’ve uninstalled the official YouTube app to avoid any conflicts.
  2. Download the YouTube Vanced APK and the Vanced Manager from a trusted source.
  3. Install Vanced Manager on your device.
  4. Open the Vanced Manager app, and from there, you’ll have the option to install YouTube Vanced along with MicroG (required if you wish to sign in with your Google account).
  5. Once installed, open the YouTube Vanced app.
  6. If you installed MicroG, you could sign in with your Google account, just as you would in the standard YouTube app.
  7. The user interface of YouTube Vanced is quite similar to the official YouTube app.
  8. You’ll have the Home, Explore, Subscriptions, Notifications, and Library tabs at the bottom.
  9. Tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  10. Select ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Vanced Settings
  11. Here, you can customize various features such as ad-blocking, layout settings, and more.
  12. During playback, use the swipe controls by swiping up or down on the left side of the video to adjust brightness and on the right side to adjust volume.
  13. Use the ‘pinch to zoom’ feature to fit videos as you prefer on your device screen.
  14. Start playing any video and press the home button or switch to another app.
  15. The audio from the video will continue to play in the background. This is especially useful for music or podcast content.
  16. Go to ‘Vanced Settings’ > ‘Layout Settings’ to select between different themes like dark, black, etc.
  17. When watching videos, the app will automatically skip sponsored segments if you have this feature enabled in the Vanced Settings.

Key Features:

  • Ad-free video playback.
  • Background playback for videos.
  • Built-in sponsor block to skip sponsored segments.
  • Override maximum video resolution settings.
  • Force HDR mode or turn it off.
  • Custom themes (dark, black, and more).
  • Pinch to zoom for all devices.
  • Swipe controls for volume and brightness.
  • Speed and resolution presets.
  • Enhanced comment features (block terms/channels).
  • Popup video player for multitasking.
  • Auto-repeat functionality for videos.
  • Download videos directly to device storage.
  • Integrated YouTube Music playback.
  • Toggle to remove video suggestions.
  • Enhanced battery-saving features.
  • Double-tap to skip forward or backward.
  • Customize player buttons (e.g., add/remove cast button).
  • Video window customization (crop/fit).
  • Immersive mode for 18:9 aspect ratio videos.
  • Option to block all notifications.
  • Advanced codec options for better performance.
  • Preferred video quality for Wi-Fi/mobile data.
  • Auto switch to the preferred quality.
  • Disable/enable info cards and end screens.
  • In-player search functionality.
  • Playback history recording toggle.
  • Gesture controls for quick actions.
  • Disable/enable community posts in subscription feed.
  • Automatic theme switching based on device theme.


What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app that offers additional features not found in the standard app, such as ad-blocking, background playback, and more.

Is YouTube Vanced safe to use?

While many users have reported safe experiences with YouTube Vanced, it’s essential to download the app from trusted sources. Always be cautious with third-party apps, and ensure your device’s security settings are robust.

Is YouTube Vanced free?

Yes, YouTube Vanced is available for free. However, always ensure you’re downloading it from a legitimate source to avoid fake or malicious versions.

Do I need to root my device to use YouTube Vanced?

No, there are versions of YouTube Vanced available for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

What is MicroG, and why is it associated with YouTube Vanced?

MicroG is a component that allows users to sign in to their Google accounts within YouTube Vanced. Since Vanced is a modified app, the standard Google Play Services don’t recognize it. MicroG acts as a bridge for this sign-in process.

Why is YouTube Vanced not available on the Google Play Store?

Given that YouTube Vanced offers features that bypass YouTube’s monetization methods (like blocking ads), it violates Google’s terms of service. As a result, it’s not available on the official Play Store.

Can I use YouTube Vanced and the official YouTube app simultaneously?

It’s possible on some devices, but to avoid potential conflicts, it’s often recommended to uninstall the official YouTube app if you’re using YouTube Vanced.

Will I get banned from YouTube for using Vanced?

As of my last training data in September 2021, there haven’t been widespread reports of users getting banned solely for using YouTube Vanced. However, always be aware that it does violate YouTube’s terms of service, so there’s potential risk involved.

How can I support my favorite YouTubers if I’m blocking ads?

Even if you’re using an ad-blocking feature, you can support creators by engaging with their content (liking, sharing, commenting), buying their merchandise, joining their Patreon, or directly donating, if available.

Are updates for YouTube Vanced released regularly?

Yes, the developers behind YouTube Vanced usually release updates to address bugs and add new features. Always ensure you’re downloading updates from a trusted source.


In the evolving digital age, where user experience and customization are paramount, YouTube Vanced emerges as a beacon for those seeking more control over their video streaming endeavors. By addressing many user pain points of the standard YouTube app, such as intrusive ads and the lack of background playback, Vanced has carved a niche for itself in the streaming community. The array of features it offers, from the aesthetic comforts of theme customization to the practical utility of sponsor block, showcases a forward-thinking approach to user satisfaction.

However, as with all third-party applications, potential users must weigh the benefits against potential risks. The security concerns and possible breaches of the original app’s terms of service shouldn’t be overlooked. In the end, YouTube Vanced serves as a testament to the fact that in the tech world, where innovation meets demand, there’s always room for enhancements and improvements.


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