WIKIYRI – Upcoming Multilingual Free Verified Content Online Encyclopedia

What is Wikiyri ?

Wikiyri is a free verified content online encyclopedia developed by YRI Foundation, YRI Fame Publish And Wikiyri Authority, contribute by Wikiyri Authority and YRI Foundation Authority, hosted with Miraheze and written by webmaster Sorif B. Mahmud on 2021.

It was developed by YRI Foundation using MediaWiki to stop or reduce vandalism and spam from online or internet encyclopedia. The goal of Wikiyri is to avoid or minimize the disruption or vandalism.

Who is the founder of Wikiyri ?

Muhammad Sorif B. Mahmud (Bengali : মুহম্মদ শরিফ বি. মাহমুদ) is the CEO and founder of Wikiyri. He decided to create an internet encyclopedia in 2021. Later on April 6, 2022 he developed a verified Internet encyclopedia called Wikiyri using MediaWiki.

What are the main services provided by Wikiyri ?

  • Online Encyclopedia
  • Press release
  • Magazine
  • Blogs
  • Free base etc

Who are the contributors to Wikiyri ?

Anyone who are known as YRI Foundation Authority. But without protected, semi-protected and full protected pages. These pages may only be edited by the Wikiri Authority.

Content license

Usually the contents of Wikiyri is free and under CC BY-SA 4.0. But there are some pages on which no one can reproduce it or write it in different form so for those articles, permission is taken from the actual author or contributor of the content. A repository of images is wanting.


Who is the founder of Wikiyri ?

Sorif B. Mahmud

Who is the current CEO of Wikiyri ?

Sorif B. Mahmud

Where is Wikiyri located ?

IS INT, Bangladesh

When and where was Wikiyri founded ?

6 April 2022 in IS INT, Bangladesh.

Is Wikiyri commercial ?


Can anyone register on Wikiyri ?


Can anyone contribute on Wikiyri ?

Yes, but without protected, semi-protected and full protected pages.

What is the name of the parent organization of Wikiyri ?

YRI Foundation, YRI Fame Publish And Wikiyri Authority.

What kind of encyclopedia is Wikiyri ?

Education. However, Islamic information is given more importance in Wikiyri.

Who is the president of Wikiyri ?

Sorif B. Mahmud

How many members are working with Wikiyri ?

Wikiyri has 20+ members who are currently for the company.

From which encyclopedia was Wikiyri inspired ?


What are the other names of Wikiyri ?



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