Why Dakota Burford Is a leading funnel & sales expert

Dakota Burford, the owner of Luxvoni marketing, is a leading sales expert who is launching a fantastic course on sales and phycology. This course will take you from sales novice to sales pro and help you build a team of expert salespeople that can drive more revenue into your business. Dakota is also very active on other social media such as his instagram.


Dakota’s Expertise

Dakota’s customers range from startups to 7 figure companies across various industries, including finance, digital marketing, wellness, gaming, travel & hospitality, to name a few. Dakota has successfully helped over 200+ businesses improve their bottom line by building a team of top-notch professional freelancers. Dakota’s work was recently featured in Forbes, among other renowned publications. Dakota is the owner & CEO of Luxvoni Marketing, a premier marketing agency based in Las Vegas, NV. Dakota started his career as an entrepreneur by building his first auto spa business by 21, which he sold for a massive profit by the age of 23. Moving on to various other ventures before starting Luxvoni Marketing Agency – an agency that focuses on helping other businesses grow through marketing efforts. Dakota specializes in funnel design & building, copywriting & brand storytelling. Dakota reached early success with his business endeavors because of his inclination towards reading books on entrepreneurship and modern psychology.

Dakota is driven by his passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. Dakota’s mission is to share the same wisdom he’s gathered over the years with other passionate entrepreneurs worldwide. Dakota feels that studying psychology, business & leadership has helped him become a more effective entrepreneur & leader in his own right. Dakota’s most recent venture is a planned to launch of Sale Ops Academy. This upcoming course on sales and phycology will be available in the coming months. The launch of this course will be in conjunction with big names in the industry like Los Silva – Ecomerce expert, Nick Fisher – Facebook ad expert, & Sean Volser, a copywriting and marketing expert, just to name a few.


What is Sale-ops?

Sale Ops The Art Of Human Hacking will cover The Ultimate Guide To High-Level Mind, where they will share the mind-hacking techniques that his sales teams leverage to optimize influence, persuasion, and influence. Dakota Burford and his team’s primary goal is to help businesses increase their revenue by building a top-notch team of sales experts.

Sale ops will also include three levels of training called 

Alpha Sales Accelerator
Omega Sales Accelerator
Atomic Sales Domination

Each of these modules will stack on top of each other, building upon the frameworks that each previously walks you through step by step to master the art of phycology, social engineering, and sales while generating a multiple six-figure a year income. Dakota has said that this training is for small business owners struggling to scale their business, entrepreneurs with no sales background who are currently having trouble building their team or looking to build a team.



Dakota’s private students have gone on to become top-level marketers at multi-million dollar companies over the years. There has already been some great feedback from the Beta users of this new program.

Dakota also shares valuable strategies for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business fast such as outsourcing work, where Dakota mentioned that hiring people outside your company can be challenging but will save you time & money in the long run. Dakota has helped over 200+ clients build their freelance teams.

In conclusion, Sale-Ops.com turns mildly successful salespeople into widely successful salespeople. Develop proven alchemy in social engineering and high-level phycology. Gain laser-like focus on sales operations. Achieve superhuman abilities by evolving you and your squad into Sale-Ops Pros

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