What is nagad virtual card number

What is nagad virtual card number

When you keep a credit score or debit card in your Google Account, you’ll be capin a position to show on a digital card range. Virtual card numbers may be shared with traders for online or in-app transactions to hold your real card range data extra securely.

About digital playing cards

Virtual playing cards are a more secure manner to pay online or in-app. When you operate a digital card to make a buy, the app replaces your bodily card range with a unique digital card range. When you take a look at out, the nagad balance check digital range hides your private charge information and allows you to shield yourself opposition to fraud.

You can use your digital card for online or in-app purchases.

When you pay online, you may take a look out quicker in case you permit Google to routinely fill out your digital card charge date and CVC.

If you operate autofill, your financial institution may also ship a transient code in your telecellsmartphone to affirm your identification. Tip: The digital card range, expiration date, and CVC can be unique out of your bodily card. For delivered security, a few card issuers alternate your digital card range or CVC for unique traders or transactions.

How to show on & use a digital card

Important: To activate a digital card, you need to have autofill became on.

Computer Android

Turn on a digital card whilst you take a look at out

When you’re making a buy online with Chrome, you’ll be capin a position to show on a digital card. If you take a look at out with an eligible card:

Not but stored in your Google Account: You may also get the choice to show on a digital card earlier than you entire your buy.

Already stored in your Google Account: You may also get the choice to show on a digital card when you entire your buy.

If you switch on a digital card, the subsequent time you’re making a buy, you may use the digital card range to test out. Turn on a card with pay.google.com Go to pay.google.com. At the top, click on Payment methods.

Find the cardboard which you want. Select Turn on the digital card. Only playing cards that guide digital card numbers have this option. Select Turn on after which Got it. Under your card, you`ll locate β€œManage digital card.”

If you may activate the digital card, you may nonetheless use Autofill to pay with the everyday card range.

If you may activate a digital card

If you may activate a digital card, retry the method with the identical steps as above. If that doesn`t work, touch your financial institution for an extra guide.

Make a buy together along with your digital card

You can use your digital card whilst you store online. When you take a look at out on an internet site: Choose the digital card out of your charge approach options.

Let Chrome fill withinside the charge data routinely. You can be requested to affirm your identification with a code, fingerprint, or a different approach.

Check out as usual.

Tip: If Chrome doesn`t routinely fill out the shape when you choose your digital card, input your digital card data manually. At the lowest of the screen, click on View card.

Copy and paste or input the cardboard range, expiration date, and CVC. Finish checking out. Common questions on digital playing cards

How do I flip off a digital card?

Do I want the Google Pay app to apply for digital playing cards?

How can I locate & manipulate my digital card range?

Is there a charge or rate to apply for a digital card?

Do digital playing cards have an unmarried card range?

Must I reenter my digital card data every time?

Does a digital card suggest that I even have a couple of playing cards with separate credit score lines?

Why am I requested to affirm my identification?

If I lose my card, can a person create digital playing cards with it?

Can I install a digital card for use with the best service provider?

How do I repair a chargeback difficulty or unauthorized transaction?

Returns and in keeping select ups

To make a go back, or select an object in keeping that you acquire with a digital card, you could locate the ultimate four digits of the in your digital card range. The ultimate four digits of your digital card are unique out of your bodily card.

To locate the digital card range, consult with the receipt from the service provider or visit your card provider’s internet site. If neither of those has the ultimate four digits you may touch your financial institution for guidance.

Return something you acquire online with Google Pay

If you used Google Pay to shop for something from a non-Google internet site or app, touch the service provider`s customer service group. Refunds are deposited in your connected financial institution account, now no longer your Google Pay balance.

Return a Google product

To go back a buy from Google, touch the guide group for the product.

Fix troubles with order transport or quality

If the service or product you ordered became lacking or unsatisfactory, cancel the order or repair the difficulty, touch the service provider`s customer service. Fix troubles with incomplete bills to traders

For extra data on incomplete bills, touch your financial institution.


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