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What are the HP printer’s E1, E2, and E3 errors?

The users of HP printers can be faced with many types of errors when they are using them. The major types of E1, E2, and E3 Errors in HP printer tend to jeopardize the overall printing assistance that the user would be requiring. The details of the type of errors are given here:

  • E1 and E2 errors: E1 or E2 error in the HP printer occurs when the size of the paper that has been loaded does not match the orientation and size of the paper settings that have been programmed within the system. 
  • E3 error: This type of error arises when there is a problem in the screen, which occurs due to the paper jam issues in the printer along with ink adaptable issues with the cartridge. 

How to fix E1, E2, and E3 Errors in HP printers? 

The simple steps to fix E1, E2, and E3 Errors in HP printer is:

  • E1 and E2 error:

The user first needs to stop the print process command given by tapping on the cancel button and get the paper emitted out. They need to then check the paper settings in the system and adjust it according to the paper that gets fed to the printer. Once again, load all the papers in the tray properly and then give the printing instructions. 

  • E3 error:

E3 error can be fixed once the user turns off the printer, thoroughly analyzes the cartridges placed, and checks for jammed papers in the tray. Open the door to check for misplaced carriage and fix it, along with removing unwanted paper or labels that got stuck. 

How do I clear the error code on my HP printer?

The best method to clear the error on the HP printer is by turning off the printer. It is possible through the power switch icon on the back of the printer. Once done, the user needs to wait for a time of 15 seconds and then restart or turn on the printer. This mode would resolve the issue faced. Otherwise, the user can try to connect the power cable to another electric outlet.

How do I get my printer out of an error state?

If the user cannot make use of the printer because it is in an error state, the issue may stem from the fact that the printer is faulty in itself. The user must ensure that they have turned on the printer and made a stable connection between their device using cable or Wi-Fi. Always keep a check that all the cartridges have the proper level of ink and that the papers are oriented properly.


From the details shared, the user would be able to find the details on the various types of errors with the printer and the best method that can be resorted to find a solution.


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