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Top 5 Mobile App Design Companies in New York

Technological advancement is leading to mobile app development, and business owners from various industries are inclined towards aesthetically-pleasing app development. It is necessary to create a unique design as it can either break or make your app.

You must hire an app design company to make your app idea a reality because they have app professionals who can meet your business expectations.

Here is a list of theΒ top mobile app design companiesΒ you can consider hiring in New York.


AppsChopper is a mobile app development company established in 2011 with offices in New York, Walpole, and Boston. The company has expertise in crafting an aesthetically-pleasing app design as per the business objectives.

App designers working at the company have years of experience in building mobile apps with a user-friendly interface that boosts the user experience. They build mobile apps based on the latest industry trends and leverage technologies like Sketch, Philips, Illustrator, etc.

App professionals atΒ AppsChopperΒ do product design research, innovate with the latest app design trends, and more. Apart from app designing, the company has expertise in mobile app strategy consulting, iOS, Android, PWA app development, etc. AppsChopper has worked with top brands like Philips, Revlon, Huawei, Vodafone, HP, Duracell, and more.


The next best mobile app design company you can consider is Fueled. The company is based in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Fueled has professional app designers who are proficient in this field and know how to meet business requirements. The company has a dedicated team of app designers who creates mobile apps with interactive user interface for a flawless user experience. The company works for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Slide UX

Another mobile app design company you can consider for your business is Slide UX; here, app professionals develop high-performing apps & websites. App designers of the company create interactive app prototyping, visual designs, and app wireframes. They collect all the data related to UI/UX mapping functionalities of the mobile app.

The company provides custom-made app functionalities as per the business requirements and conducts in-depth market research.

Agente Studio

Agente Studio is a mobile app development company with expertise in designing mobile apps using the latest technology. Initially, the company was a small startup, and with time, Agente Studio started providing full-fledged UI design services worldwide.

App designers working at the agency curate the app as per the user expectations to draw the expected engagement. They design an interactive UI using the Information Architecture (IA) development approach.


Utility is a mobile app development company that you can consider to design your app as the company has an experienced and strategy-minded design team. App designers create ground-breaking solutions for well-known brands, media properties, or a startup as per their targeted audience.

App designers of the company have created awe-inspiring customized mobile apps with the utmost client satisfaction. In fact, the company designs apps cost-effectively.


If you want to upscale your business at an unprecedented rate, you must develop a mobile app with an interactive user interface and easy accessibility. You can get the mobile app as per your business expectations by hiring a well-established mobile app design company to lure your targeted audience.

I hope the blog was helpful to you and guided you in finding a suitable app designing company for your mobile app.


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