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The 5 Best Cybersecurity Certifications to Boost Your Career 

Cybersecurity is a fast-expanding industry, with a predicted 35% increase in market size between 2020 and 2030. Considering the average for comparable industries is 8%, this is a substantial increase. And it’s no surprise, given the increase in data breaches, such as government hackers targeting sensitive information. 

Consider pursuing cybersecurity certifications to qualify for these positions. 

When comparing the top cybersecurity certifications, let’s examine how a cybersecurity certificate might benefit your career and the elements to be on the hunt for. 


What is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity refers to measures used to safeguard information, programs, and online devices and systems. It involves protecting servers, networks, and data against malicious threats. Cybersecurity professionals preserve the confidentiality and integrity of computer systems against unwanted access by employing innovative approaches and technologies. 

Problem-solving, analytical, technical aptitude, attention to detail, basic and advanced computer security and forensics knowledge, etc., are just a few of the skill sets necessary for a successful cybersecurity expert. Affordable cyber liability certifications can help you enhance your abilities and expertise to advance your career. You may launch a tremendous professional career in cybersecurity with the appropriate certification. 



 The Certified Information Security Manager certification is one of the best expertise-level certifications that ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) offers. It focuses on information security governance, risk and incident management, product development, and more. 

You must have at least five years of proven experience in information security management and cybersecurity. The CISM certification is designed for candidates interested in business information security management. 

It can also boost the income potential of information security managers, aspiring managers, and IT experts participating in infosec program management. 


 The Certificate in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC) certification from ISACA is one of the most sought-after cybersecurity certifications. It equips the candidates with the expertise to detect and manage enterprise IT risk. The certification guarantees the professional’s capacity to undertake a comprehensive enterprise-level risk assessment. 

CRISC helps professionals to expand their knowledge of IT risk identification and management, business risk, and business systems control implementation. CRISC certification is available to business analysts, chief information officers (CIOs), project managers, and other IT professionals with at least three years of experience. 

CEH v11 

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is one of the most well-known certifications in penetration testing or ethical hacking. The CEH v11 certification offers ethical hackers the skills and knowledge necessary to discover vulnerabilities and various hacking tools and techniques to execute effectively simulated assaults against corporations. Consequently, the hackers will provide reports detailing all corporate vulnerabilities and protective measures. 

CEH-Certified professionals understand various techniques for exploiting modern software and identifying all new threats and suppliers. In addition, they concentrate on the security problems associated with operating in a cloud environment and IoT. This certification teaches all hacking strategies and techniques used by hackers with a negative reputation. 

COBIT 2019 

ISACA’s COBIT 2019 certification course is renowned for providing candidates with the foundational knowledge required to manage an organization’s IT governance. The training focuses on integrating the IT goals with the organization’s overall objectives. It focuses on establishing a robust governance framework and detecting risks. Those who have earned this certification are well-versed in risk management techniques. 

COBIT 2019 certificate holders can analyze IT security risks in a company’s projects, processes, and operations and devise multiple management strategies. IT professionals like managers, auditors, and project managers in the IT industry are strongly encouraged to pursue the COBIT 2019 certification. Anyone interested in improving their abilities should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. 


Although migrating to the cloud might expedite daily corporate operations, an obsolete approach to cloud security can lead to sensitive data falling into the hands of cybercriminals. As a result, robust security measures for the company’s cloud infrastructure are necessary. 

Having the CCSP certification guarantees this. It covers all six CCSP areas and provides vital skills in cloud design and infrastructure and security operations within cloud-oriented applications. It will also strengthen your knowledge of legislation, risk, and enterprise compliance. It is a fantastic opportunity to obtain a high-paying job in the cloud security industry. 

The CCSP course prerequisite is five years of overall IT experience. Of them, at least three years should be spent studying information security, and another year should be spent studying one of the areas covered by the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge. 


How to Select the Most Appropriate Cybersecurity Certification 

How can you decide which of the numerous available certifications is the best fit for your needs when there are so many different certification bodies from which to choose? Think about the cybersecurity career you’d like to have. Do you care more about incident handling? Vulnerability testing? System architecture? The more specific you can be about your interests, the easier it will be to find a certification that fits your needs. 

Additionally, it would be best to research various work opportunities. What certifications do your ideal employment require or request? For instance, if most job postings call for something other than certification, you might be less tempted to invest tens of thousands of dollars in obtaining it. 



Concluding Remark

With the growing need for cybersecurity professionals, the demand for cybersecurity certifications is increasing. When organizations hire someone to improve their security, they look for someone who is qualified and has the necessary knowledge and experience to fulfill their duties effectively. 

Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for securing an organization’s most valuable asset – its data. Therefore, they need to know that the individuals they collaborate with are competent to execute their duties effectively. And this trend will continue to increase over time. It’s best for IT professionals to enroll in a particular cybersecurity field to give themselves a competitive edge over their peers. 


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