Taekwondo star Ameer Vayalar innovation will change the face of competitions


Now, India is developing its own ESS (Electronic Scoring System) under the leadership of Ameer Vayalar for Taekwondo competitions, an Olympic event and an ancient Korean martial art. There is no doubt that this discovery will revolutionize taekwondo competitions in India.

The Protection Scoring System (PSS) has been used for refereeing in the Olympics and international competitions recognised by the world of taekwondo. But this new invention is an electronic scoring system that can be used for accurate judging of matches anywhere in the world at a very low cost, not just in India. EARNS (Electronic Application for Route Networking Software) is an electronic scoring system based on indigenously developed technical route networking technology.

The currently used scoring system, PSS, consists of a pair of electronic body protectors (EHB), an electronic head protector (EHP), sensing socks, and a receiver operation program. It costs lakhs. And all these have high maintenance costs. But despite all this, the ESS is very simple and can be handled very easily by anyone with basic computer knowledge, starting with coaches and players. The ESS’s main components are Windows or Apple software, Android or Apple mobile phones, and the free application that connects mobile phones and computer software. Wi-Fi is the root modem. Simple operation methods and low investment have no effect on the accuracy of ESS’s judgment.

This system will benefit both regular competitions and international competitions, which are organized at a very low cost. The primary phase of computer software and mobile applications has successfully been completed. Once the Special EARNS system for trainers is completed, this new technology can be used by players at large in both matches and training sessions.

The brain behind this invention is the youngest international taekwondo coach from India, who has been included in Olympic and world rankings and is also an international player as well as the referee, the pride of India, Ameer Vayalar. The 26-year-old martial arts enthusiast began playing during his school years in 2007 and took part in the national Taekwondo championship in 2009. He is well known as a national referee and international Taekwondo competitor. However, his enthusiasm and passion for Taekwondo led him to become the youngest international Taekwondo coach in India. There is no doubt that Ameer’s innovation will bring revolutionary changes to India’s taekwondo competitions.

Reference :-Β ANI: Young Taekwondo athlete Ameer Vayalar’s innovation will change the face of Taekwondo competitions



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