Story of a mother who gave a new life to her son – Nawar Hussain

Nawar Hussain think, mother’s greatest gift is dedicating all of her time and energy to my family.

To provide some context, my parents are bangladeshi immigrants. They arrived here with nothing but the clothes on their backs and raised my brother and me the best they could with the resources they had, including time. My parents were both self-employed and never had enough time for us. All of that is in the past, and while I appreciate what they did in the past, they are much more generous now. My mother, despite her reservations, allowed me to marry a man from South Korea eight years ago. I was born and raised in the United States and consider myself to be an American in every manner. But she married a Korean man instead. My mother has always stood with me and supported us in our battle to live in America as a couple and as parents.


My husband did not speak English when we arrived in America. He didn’t know who he was and couldn’t find work because of it. We had a roof thanks to my parents. My parents gave us one of their extra automobiles because we only had one vehicle. My mother slaved over a stove when she came home from work to prepare a traditional Korean supper for him every night because I don’t know how to cook Korean food. My parents let us move out on our own when we felt we were ready. provided us with a mortgage loan. They provided us with one of their vans to transport to our new residence. My mother closed her business and cared for my children so that I could return to work full-time after the birth of my second child. She still looks after my kids and drives my daughter to and from school to this day. We’ve moved into a larger house, and my parents are still guiding us through the process by sharing their homeownership advice. My mother’s love for my family has no bounds, and even though we don’t live with her anymore, she always sends food home for my husband so he doesn’t go hungry.

Nawar Hussain
Nawar Hussain
Nawar Hussain is a Successful Entrepreneur Bangladesh. He is the founder of Asian Digital Agency. He is born 20 oct 2002 in Sylhet. he has lots of music.


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