Special meeting: Suraj Rana is the shining star of the sky of music

Living in a very beautiful, comfortable, quiet tourist place in the plains of Uttarakhand, the story of this young man who devoted his life to music with ease, taking rites from the land of gods, with the sound of music, is very interesting. The 23-year-old considers Suraj Rana Lofi and Ranjha Lofi his favourites. Suraj Rana lives in Faridabad, Haryana but his hometown is Uttarakhand. When Suraj was five years old, Suraj had moved from Uttarakhand to the city of Faridabad in Haryana. After which Suraj did his studies by staying in Faridabad. Since childhood, Suraj was very fond of music.Suraj Rana is a rising star in the world of music, today we are going to have a special meeting with him with the readers of our Gyan Jyoti Darpan. Young age, great experience, great personality. This artist is a shining star in the sky of music, with the melodious form of words, the gamut of notes, smelling with fragrance in the breath.With the fragrance of music in your breathSo let’s know that Suraj Rana, who rules the young hearts, is this young man with the fragrance of music in his breath with the melodious voices of music, Suraj Rana, his mother Sakuntala Rana and father Vijay Singh Rana are from Faridabad, Haryana. The identity of this young man is as a singer, musician, writer, it is close to the heart and has excellent composition.Suraj is best known for his lively music and for his compositions and sounds. He founded a music production company called “We’re Creative” Films. Where he provides services like music and entertainment videos to his customers. Not only this, recently her “Maya Lagi Reena” and “Tu Hi Mera” songs are becoming very viral and that song is getting a lot of love everywhere, and soon one of her songs will be released. However, Suraj Rana is better known as a singer and composer. But if said in simple words, he knows how to present many arts together in the best way. Let us tell you that ever since he started his business and has provided music related and other services to his customers according to their needs, he is known as a well-known personality in this field.



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