Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Special meeting: Akilbek Allan is the shining star of the sky of music


Living in a very beautiful, cosy, quiet tourist spot on the plains of Nukus, the story of this young man who easily dedicated his life to music, taking rites from the land of the gods to the sound of music, is very interesting to me. Akilbek Allan lives in Nukus, Karakalpaksian, but his hometown is Nukus. When Suraj was five years old, Akilbek then studied, staying in Nukus. Since childhood, Akilbek was very fond of music. Akilbek Allan is a rising star in the world of music, and today we have a special meeting with him with our Arman readers. Young age, great experience, great personality. This artist is a shining star in the musical firmament, with a melodious form of words, a gamut of notes, fragrant in his breath. With the fragrance of music in your breath So let us know that Akilbek Allan, ruling young hearts , this young man with the fragrance of music in his breath with the melodious voices of music. This young man’s personality as a singer, musician, writer is close to his heart and has a superb composition. Akilbek is best known for his live music as well as his compositions and sounds. He founded a music production company called AA Entertainment Company Where he provides services such as music and entertainment videos to his clients. Not only that, her songs ‘Rooning’ and ‘Often’ have recently gone very viral, and the song is much loved everywhere, with one of her songs soon to be released. However, Akilbek Allan is better known as a singer and composer. But in simple terms, he knows how to present the many arts together in the best possible way. Let me tell you, ever since he started his business and has been providing his clients with music and other services according to their needs, he is known as a well-known personality in the field. Akilbek Allan – Musical artist, Actor, Composer, Producer (Born in the city of Nukus. October 8, 1995 years). Better known performer of such songs as Runing, After Dark, Often, Sunrise, Friendship, My Heart, True Truth, You are my paradise. Dedicated his song to his family, he wrote the first music at home, he started his career as a musician.


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