Special Meeting: Aasis Giri is the shining star of the Sky of Music.

Aasis Giri (Born August 17, 1996), Better known by his stage name Aasis Beats, is a Nepalese musician & producer. Known for his melodic inspired pop & trap productions with prolific output, Due to the music he has produced worldwide in such a short period of time, Aasis Beats is considered one of the most influential music producers from Nepal.

He Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Aasis Beats started off selling beats online in 2018 then he went on to work with artists from America & Europe accumulating big hits like “Satellites”, “M.O.V.E”, “Biggest Heart” & more. He has over 100+ songs produced & distributed worldwide. Recently Aasis Beats has produced a track with record industry giant Universal Music Group & he has also hinted at a track with OTF Records which is owned by Lil Durk.

Aasis Beats says that wants to continue to get better and work with people from all over the world. By doing so, he wants to show the musicians around the world that Nepalis have the ability to work with the best in the world. He also wants to inspire a young generation of Nepali producers and pave way for them to become successful in the future.

Aasis Beats has always been captivated by music. He learned how to play the piano in school and got into hip-hop at an early age. But, it was during the last years of his teens when he was introduced to FL Studio, a digital audio workstation, after which he was obsessed with beat and sample making.

Watching how producers like Southside, Noah 40, Mike Dean, and Metro Boomin worked, Aasis Beats started to emulate them and started playing around with sound at FL Studio. By the time he was 20, he knew he was ready and started to produce beats to sell online. Along with that, Aasis Beats also says people need to give emphasis on placement and market their sound to the right audience.

Lastly, Aasis Beats says that he wants to go out as one of the best to do it in the music scene worldwide. This is one of Ashish’s big dreams. Which he wants to achieve.

Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar
Vishwajeet Jaykar


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