Sorif B. Mahmud – Secret Superstar (2021)

Sorif B. Mahmud was able to achieve the greatest success of his life in 2021. This year he became known as the best blogger. Although he has been engaged in blogging since 2020. His blogs attract people. Because his blog is the most elegant among Bangla tech blogs. Which helps people to understand in the easiest way.

He has long been popular for his research quotes. But in 2020 and 2021, its popularity has increased at a great rate. Which made him known as the Secret Superstar of 2021.

He has been influenced by many this year which is a great achievement for him.”I am no longer influenced by anyone, but it is a great achievement in my life that I am able to influence so many,” he said.

He is still writing many novels which may be published by 2022. However, he occasionally shares some of his writings on social media which attracts the readers to read his writings.

Because of his famous activities, he is the best secret superstar of 2021 today. And he is constantly gaining more popularity than ever before.


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