Sorif B. Mahmud – One Of The Best Blogger And Upcoming Writer From Bangladesh

Young upcoming writer, researcher, blogger and entrepreneur Sorif B. Mahmud is one of the best bengali blogger from Bangladesh . He was born on 1 august 2002 , thursday in Sherpur, Bangladesh.

Since Childhood Sorif B. Mahmud , he became interested in science and technology and started researching on it.

While studying in class three, he developed poetic talent at the age of nine. In the context of which he composed a poem called “Nature”. However, the poem was not published at that time due to his lack of knowledge or interest in publishing the poem. After that he wrote numerous poems and short stories. However, in this context, he said, “My passion for writing literature is associated with the emotions of the poor, neglected people of this country. These expressions can only give people the gift of suffering. I would have published it if it was for the welfare of the people. ” Later he resumed writing novels. And he claims he will never write poetry or short stories again. If you write, you will write real life realities and novels. And he is currently writing novels.

From an early age he was very interested in learning about science and technology. As a result he gained detailed knowledge on various subjects.In this context, he started writing blog posts from late December 2020. From the beginning, Hughes used to get a lot of visits in his blog posts.At the moment, however, most of the blog posts he writes are ranked as the best relevant results of other search engines, including Google, in just a few hours. And in two days it ranks in the top five. Most of his blog posts are now the first relevant results of other search engines including Google.

His blog posts are one of the most popular elegant blogs in Bengali language. He claims that his site is the best of all the blog sites on Bengali language in the world. He always writes blog posts on logical and important topics. And he has written blog posts on many topics that no one in the world has written about. And the effectiveness of his blogs is 100%. He does not publish blog posts based on misinformation. Needless to say, Sorif B. Mahmud is a top blogger on Bengali language.

He also does research in his personal life. For this he received numerous permanent awards. And he feels comfortable introducing himself as a researcher.


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