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Reasons to Invest in Elation EMR Software

Elation EMR, a cloud-based, clinically-focused electronic medical record system, is for doctors who are looking for an ONC/ATCB-certified EMR. It also includes patient scheduling, patient portals, e–prescribing and e–faxing. The software can be accessed via a web browser from a Mac or PC.

Primary care physicians face unsustainable pressure to manage patient care while complying with documentation and compliance requirements. This burden is relieved by Elation EMR, which allows independent practices and primary care organizations to focus on what’s most important: providing exceptional healthcare.

The Elation EMR software is perfect for clinicians who work in small groups and provide long-term healthcare. The three-pane Elation health record view gives doctors a complete view of the patient’s entire medical history.

Elation EMR Features

Appointment Management

The Elation EMR software allows you to track appointments and ensure that no one misses a visit. It allows you to manage your appointments, so that you can see as many patients in one day. It reminds patients about their appointments to decrease the chance of no-shows. This feature can be viewed in detail during the Elation EMR demo.

Patient Satisfaction

Elations’ primary goal, to get patients’ attention and increase clinical outreach through expanding their client base, is to draw their patients’ attention. It is difficult to retain patients, but Elation EMR makes it seem easy. It improves patient retention by decreasing wait times and automating tasks like check-ins.

The appointment scheduling process is made easier by Elation EMR. The portal is active and allows for communication to continue. It also ensures transparency and trust in healthcare services by ensuring that patients are able to understand treatment plans.

Patient Portal

Elation EMR software provides a patient portal which takes away the burden of administrative tasks. Both patients and providers will benefit from the portal. Patients can communicate with you electronically, view their medical records, and pay their bills. The patient portal also allows patients to schedule appointments online, which saves you the hassle of calling them every time.

Elation EMR Software reduces cancellations and no-shows, increasing your revenue. The portal lets you focus on your patients and eliminates redundant duties as a provider. During the Elation EMR demo, you can see the portal capabilities.

Electronic Prescription

The Elation EMR software lets you send prescriptions directly to pharmacies of choice for your patients. This results in better patient care as well as clinical outcomes. Software also alerts you about possible drug interactions and allergic reactions. Elation EMR reviews say this feature is very beneficial because it protects patients.

Your e-Prescription function in your medical practice can save you time and money. This functionality can be tested in real-time healthcare settings using the Elation EMR demo.

Medical Templates

Because they simplify documentation, custom templates can be very useful for your medical practice. The Elation EMR comes with hundreds of templates that you can see during the demo.

The software helps you choose the best template and optimizes your workflow. Elation EMR reviews claim that this feature simplifies patient charting.

Quick Documentation

Elation EMR Software has many tools to help you deal with paperwork. The software efficiently manages all operations from filing patient charts to uploading data to portals. This allows you to save time and avoid manually writing down progress notes.

This solution for health IT includes speech recognition technology to aid in data entry. Automating the database also reduces document loss. Elation EMR reviews show that all patient records can be centralized, which makes data access easier.

Virtual Consultations

With Elation EMR software, it is easy to connect with patients remotely. All patients have access to a powerful telemedicine solution that allows remote treatment. It also allows audio and video interaction. Online appointments allow you to view the clinical summaries. This demo of Elation EMR is the best way to test this feature.

Elation EMR Pricing

Elation EMR provides three pricing options to its users. It also offers monthly and annual billing options to suit all budgets.

  • Direct Care: This strategy applies to providers of direct-care services. You can join and pay instantly. Monthly fees are $349 or $270 annually.
  • Insurance: Elation EMR charges $399 monthly and $314 annually to provide services and insurance for companies and individuals. It relies on advanced coding capabilities to assist in insurance procedures.
  • Enterprise: Elation EMR software understands that not all healthcare facilities are the same. It offers an entirely customizable plan that can be customized for institutions of enterprise level.

Elation EMR Demo

You can experience various features in a real healthcare environment during the Elation EMR Demo. You can view the patient portal and see how it works. Demos are also beneficial as it allows you to test the software in person, rather than reading about it.

Elation EMR Reviews

We can reveal that Elation EMR Software has received a positive user rating from multiple online sources. Elation EMR is also highly praised by users for its simplicity and powerful features that will help you grow your practice.


  • To reduce the care gap and improve care delivery.
  • We offer excellent after-care services.
  • It includes an interactive dashboard.
  • The software is attentive to interactions off-site.


  • More features are needed for the smartphone app.
  • The software does not have integration capabilities.

Our Recommendations

Elation’s ONC-certified HIPAA compliant EMR allows primary care physicians to offer exceptional patient care. Elation EMR pricing is worth it for its many features.

If you are interested in evaluating the software in real time and deciding if it is worth the investment, we recommend that you schedule an Elation EMR Demo. You can use the demo to help you analyze the features and determine if they are suitable for your practice. You can also read Elation EMR reviews and learn more about the software as viewed by current users.


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