Ramiz King makes a move on Krissan Barretto midst Salman Ziadi’s decision to MTV SPLITsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 is gracing our screens once again but with the whirlwind of everything dating it drops us a massive Love Bomb Gossip about none other than the three MTV Stars we all are guilty of talking about or keeping eyes on at all times.

Entertainment King, RAMIZ is Love Schooling a lesson to Winner of Ace of Space 2, Salman by officially taking on the comment section of VJ Krissan Barretto to express his Heart status and how it skipped a beat at merely just one glance of Sexy Krissan in Bollywood attire. See the comment for yourself on Instagram.

Sources report that the Australian/Afghan Ramiz King is on a break from his girlfriend but nothing has been confirmed yet, but that doesn’t stop Ramiz MTV King from making love moves. We can sense the chemistry through the Voot Uncuts of Ace of space between the reality star Ramiz King and Krissan and Ramiz is seen held back because of his friendship with Salman Ziadi.

After a breakup with Krissann Barretto; Salman Zaidi has made it clear that he has moved on from his reality tv show girlfriend and is now testing the waters in Splitsvilla. He has officially removed himself out of the way for Ramiz who desires strongly to be now in a relationship with a Desi Girl.
The famous couples of Love School, Ramiz King, and Gizelle Basiri breakup became the talk of the town.
In the show, Ace of Space, Salman, and Krissann sizzling love chemistry has gained a lot of attention by being the forever couple goals but now their brands and worlds are about to separate or even intertwine if they do a mix up of a couple, Ramiz & Krissan and Gizelle & Salman. That will be a show we can’t miss. Our Perfect television couple Salman and Krissan reportedly made an ugly split and one is ending up on Splitsvilla this year.

Does friendship come to ends if Ramiz King and Krissan Barretto come together as the new power couple?
Reports are rolling out Salman Zaidi and Krissann did all just for the show and some people stop at nothing for fame. How true can this be, You think?

On the other side,
Ramiz King has loyalty strong up until now for his girlfriend because there’s been no official comment on the Love Stars break up yet.
Krissan also hasn’t opened up about the breakup rumors yet but our Love Gossip Guru tells us RAMIZ king is going to show it on his upcoming show #LATR – or Famous in love to which Krissan also shares her life on her blogs with Salman but still too hasn’t announced or given an explanation on their break up. We are more interested to see if Ramiz King can woo his Desi Girl finally and to see Salman go through the girl buffet on Splitsvilla X3.
Do you ship #KrisMizzz? Will Salman too be played like how he played a fool of Krissan on television and in real life by boldly only sharing his news of participation on Splitsvilla X3 without a sincere post to his #Krisman fans about his split from his love?
Let’s hope the MTV India post of Salman wasn’t how Krissan found out that her love story is Khalas, quoting RAMIZ KING. 2021 just got interesting. Let’s hope to see Ramiz & Krissan vacationing on the sunny beaches of Australia while Salman finds his ideal match on MTV Splitsvilla X3.

Salman has stopped his fight for his love by agreeing to enter a dating show for his second stint on tv? Well, Salman Ziadi will be doing all the single girls a favor by breaking his relationship status back to single but Ramiz King has loyalty strong up until now for his on-screen and off-screen girlfriend who might even now be just half girlfriend still hasn’t commented on his break up.


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