Raktim Chatterjee’s next move – Jotugriho

Raktim Chatterjee, the IIT graduate, is launching the biggest blaster of the year 2021 for the Bengali film fraternity. The veteran actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay has signed the film Jotugriho. A grand poster launch of the film has already taken place at a studio in Kolkata. In the past few years, a well-made horror movie was missing in Bengal. The Bengali film industry is also suffering because of the pandemic. In this situation, the young billionaire from Kolkata has stood beside Bengali films.

He helped the backstage artists too who had no job in the last 6 months. The title of the film might give you an immediate impression of Mahabharata but the producer Raktim has confirmed that it has no reference with the epic tale. The upcoming film “Jotugriho” is Directed by renowned director Saptaswa Basu who told in a press meet that she wanted to refer to a house that is not stable and catches fire easily. What happens to the main characters of the film in that house metaphorically creates a greater part of the interesting story. So they decided to justify the title with this amazing word.

Raktim wanted to become a Cricket Player, however neither this nor engaging in business was considered a financially viable career option by his father, thus he studied Electronics engineering at the prestigious college  I.I.M.T, BANGALORE for the next four years. He has also a Masters’s In Business Administration at Manipal University. Raktim Dey Chatterjee is a young Indian Entrepreneur, Investor, and founder and chairman of The Nexuse Group Ltd. After completing his studies in IIT Kharagpur, Raktim Chatterjee worked as a research associate at the IIMT.

The Nexuse Group works in numerous sectors including real estate, investment banking, sciences, etc. The Nexuse group headed by Raktim Dey Chatterjee employs over 2000 people in various businesses. This was the list of the 27th richest people from Kolkata net worth $1.10 billion dollars. The facts and figures have been collected from the trusted and renowned sources over the internet.

Raktim Chatterjee is all set to fulfill his dreams and we wish him the best for his future endeavors. He is a gem for our nation, he wants to showcase the hidden talent of our Country in front of International Platforms. Mr. Chatterjee had spent time, money, and showed full determination to attain his current position. He always believes that one should never stop learning at any age.  He has become ideal for youngsters who want to become a successful entrepreneur.

Jotugriho is expecting to launch by 2022. Before that, it will compete in International Film Festivals.

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