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PST to PDF Conversion: Quickly Migrate Outlook Mails to PDF

There is no need to seek any further if you need a dependable way to convert Outlook emails to PDF files. This blog offers thorough insights into the top manual methods for exporting emails from an Outlook PST file to PDF formats. Users can also utilize the expert TrustVare PST to PDF Converter Tool, which guarantees flawless conversion of all data items from PST files to PDF documents. So let’s get started and look at the many conversion options.

Why convert emails from Outlook to PDF?

It is incredibly advantageous to convert Outlook emails to PDF format for a number of reasons.

  • In many cases, work procedures can be made simpler by converting files to a more user-friendly format.
  • Emails can be easily converted to PDF files, therefore this is accurate.
  • Emails can be easily kept with other document types like Word and Excel files in a standard document folder by being converted to PDF format.
  • One of the main benefits is the ability to distribute and view PDF files with others, regardless of their software.
  • Additionally, PDF files include improved security features, enabling you to secure them with permissions and passwords to maintain the privacy of your email content.

Outlook Techniques for Email to PDF Conversion

If Windows 2010 is already installed on your computer, proceed as follows:

  • Open MS Outlook and choose the appropriate email message.
  • Select the Print option under the File tab.
  • Microsoft Print to PDF can be chosen from the Printer drop-down menu.
  • Select Print.
  • Locate the folder where you want to save the PDF file in the Save Print Output As dialogue box.
  • Change the file name if necessary in the File Name area, then click Save.
  • The selected folder will now be used to save the file.
  • The technique entails storing the email message as an HTML file first, then converting it to PDF for Windows versions older than 2010.

Take these actions:

  • Open the email message you want to convert in Outlook.
  • Choose Save As by selecting the File tab.
  • Navigate to the folder where you want to store the file in the store as a dialogue box.
  • Change the file name as desired in the File Name area.
  • Select HTML from the Save as Type drop-down option and then click Save.
  • Open Microsoft Word, then choose Open from the File tab. Select the HTML file you saved.
  • Choose Save As by selecting the File tab.
  • Browse the spot where you want to save the file. Choose PDF from the Save as Type drop-down option in the Save As dialogue box.
  • Press Save. Now, the PDF file will be stored in the folder you choose.

Utilising Outlook 2016 or later versions, you can quickly convert your Outlook email messages to PDF format by following these instructions.

Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Files Quickly

You might choose to use a professional solution for smooth conversion if the manual techniques stated earlier don’t produce the required results. The TrustVare PST to PDF Converter Utility is an example of a trustworthy and functional utility. With the assurance that attachments are included, this program provides a hassle-free method for converting emails to PDF in Outlook.

PST emails can be converted into PDF format using the very reliable and portable Outlook PST Converter. It also has the ability to fix and recover any corruption in the.pst file that can be present. With this useful tool at your disposal, you can save emails as PDFs in Outlook without having to worry about laborious or complicated procedures.

Steps to use the PST to PDF Converter Tool:

  • Download the PST to PDF Converter Tool in the Windows system.

  • Now choose the PST files that you need to convert into PDF file format.
  • Preview your PST files before the conversion process.

  • Filter the PST files by emails, attachments, tasks, journals, notes, contacts, etc.
  • Select any location to save the new PDF file.
  • Choose the PDF format.
  • Hit on the “Convert Now” button and export PST files to PDF file format.

Utilizing the Outlook PST Converter’s capabilities will allow you to convert emails to PDF quickly and easily, saving you both time and effort. Accept a dependable method that makes it simple to convert Outlook emails to PDF files and wave goodbye to complications.

Last Words

The many techniques for converting Outlook emails to PDF files have been outlined in this blog. On both Mac and Windows systems, we’ve covered a variety of manual ways to save Outlook emails as PDF files. However, it is advised to think about employing a trustworthy third-party tool if you run into any issues or the manual remedies fall short of your needs. These solutions provide a more effective and fast method for converting emails to PDFs, guaranteeing correct results and saving you precious time and effort. Select the technique that best satisfies your requirements, and then take use of Outlook emails’ advantages when converted to PDF.


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