POPULA Musical Artist Iftakar Uddin Emon,

Iftakar Uddin Emon is a popular musical artist and web developer, who is moving forward to achieve his goals by turning his challenges into opportunities.

Iftakar started singing at the age of 15 and started working in web development from the middle of 18 and worked hard towards success. He started an audio and web development company called Iftekar Media in 2020. In the same year he released a song titled “Jontrona” from “Iftakar Media”.

Iftakar is a musical artist by profession, although he also works in web development. He has released several songs from “Iftakar Media” and has received a wide response in the country. He is currently a popular musical artist in Bangladesh.

Iftakar Uddin Emon has already been verified as the official artist from the international music platforms YouTube, Apple Music, Itunes and Spotify. His official artist channel named “Iftakar Uddin Emon”.

Iftakar Uddin Emon currently owner of one music companies.

His Organizations:- ” Iftakar Media”

Sacrificing his teens for a bright future has worked in his favor. today he is the man behind promoting well-known brands and Musical Artist  on social media with his musical skills.

He received the official artist channel verification on YouTube in 2021 and recently he also received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify. His official artist channel named“ Iftakar Uddin Emon” has also verified in August 2021.

Iftakar Uddin Emon Said, ““I’ve worked with a lot of production houses but now it’s time to work on my own Music & YouTube channel ,”

Iftakar said that, “And now the country’s epidemic situation it is so difficult to work outside the home. If you want to work in a production company, you have to go there. So I think at this time YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple music and all the streaming apps are the best media to publish songs at home.”

He has many dreams about Bangladesh. According to his idea, the musical artists of Bangladesh will one day make a name for themselves abroad and the names of the musical artists of Bangladesh will be known abroad. As we put the names of foreign singers by word of mouth. I think their songs sit up.




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