Parvez Ahamed Tasin announces his latest release ” Lust for Love “

Young Musical Artist Parvez Ahamed Tasin from Dhaka Bangladesh, just now announced his latest  song named “ Lust for Love

Parvez Ahamed Tasin always make fasicnating songs for his fans . Parvez is an outstanding musical artist who is willing to make awesome song for the music industry.

When it comes to music industry in Bangladesh ” Parvez Ahamed Tasin ” is the name comes to everyones mind. Parvez Ahamed is an independant music composer, In fact he is one of the best lofi song makers in town.

Parvez ahamed tasin


“ALWAYS think outside of the hall”

Because he thinks you should listen to heart , no matter what everyone says.

This kind of mentality made him one of the famous musician in Bangladesh. His songs are so good that you can listen to them all night long.

This new song ” Lust for Love ” can give you courage to start your new fresh  start of your life and love. Then you don’t have to read one more lie chapter.


Parvez Ahamed Tasin is a rising musician among all of the famous people around Dhaka,Bangladesh. He was interested in music industry since his childhood. His badass personality made him not only precious to his fans but also admirable. He always follows the trend so that people can enjoy his songs from the bottom of their heart. Parvez Ahamed Tasin is a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion.

Parvez said, “I am passionate about my music and everything that I do, because I love what I do”, he also said ” Never pay attention to others, Do what your Heart says”.Parvez Ahamed Tasin always loves to thanks his fans for supporting him from the start.

Parvez Ahamed Tasin has already been verified as the official artist from the international music platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Spotify,Deezer,Amazon,JioSaavn, Apple Music etc.He received the official artist channel verification on YouTube in 2021 and recently he also received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify. His official artist channel named“ Parvez Ahamed Tasin ” has also verified in 2021.


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